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"Dressed for Success", June 22, 2014

BoF - The Business of Fashion

"Op-Ed | Don’t Write Off Fashion Bloggers", January 9, 2014

"Thierry Mugler's Top Off", March 10, 2014

"Rock Steady" February 26th 2014

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Stylist, "Heavy Metal", "Forging Ahead", Improper Bostonian December, 2013

Writer: "Spring Style: The Good, The Bad, and The '...Really?' ", March 7, 2013.
Writer: "You're Doing It Wrong: Sexy Pics.", February 22, 2013
Producer/Stylist: "Geek Chic", January 31, 2013

Stylist/Writer: "Get into Gear", January 17, 2013
Producer/Stylist: "Hold the Stuffing: Super-Trendy Leggings." December 6, 2012.

Blogger, "Sophie Hughes in Elle China", published October 8, 2013

Blogger, "Rose Byrne Stuns in Sophie Hughes Jewelry", published July 28, 2013

Blogger, "Bloomingdale's Trunk Show Recap", published May 31, 2013 

Producer, "2012/13 Lookbook" Released July 31, 2012

Stylist, 2013 advertising campaign and promotional materials.

"Interview with Michael Bastian", August 28th, 2012
Writer "Beating the Heat", August 28th, 2012

, July 16th, 2012

Producer/Writer/Stylist "Bohemian Rhapsody", July 16th, 2012

Writer/Stylist "The Cover Up", June 17th, 2012

Writer/Stylist "Full Circle", June 3rd, 2012

Writer/ Prop Stylist "Sleeping Beauty" May 21st, 2012
Stylist "Use Your Head", May 21st, 2012
Writer/Stylist "Stepping Out", May 7th, 2012

Stylist "Making Up Stories", May 7th, 2012
"Interview with Jason Mraz", May 3rd, 2012


"Interview with Franca Sozzani", April 24th, 2012
Producer/Writer/Stylist "Night Fever", April 20th

Writer/Stylist, "Natural Selections", April 5th
Stylist, Cover: "The Escape Issue", March

Feature Writer "From Sketch to Shelf", Feb 27th, 2012
Writer/Stylist "Your Spring Style Diet", Feb 13th 2012
Writer "Bringing Unsexy Back", Jan 30th, 2012
Writer "Anatomy of Style", January 16th, 2012
Writer "Dressed to the 90's", Dec 26, 2011.
Writer "Santa's Little Helpers", Dec. 12, 2011.
Writer "Unwrapped", Dec 12, 2011 (With Marissa Berenson, contributing writer.)
Writer "Color Theory", Nov 14, 2011.
Writer "BBB Army of Love", Oct 9, 2011.
Contributing Writer - Stuff Beauty Awards "The Airtight Seal of Approval", Oct 31, 2011.

Guest Blogger, "Hit the Road, Jack" March 19th, 2012

Writer, "Istanbul Beer Scene", Dec/Jan 2009-10