What to do in Vermont - Trapp Family Lodge and more

Last weekend, mon amour and I went to Vermont to take in some fresh mountain air.

We arbitrarily picked a lodge - the Trapp Family Resort - which ended up being owned/operated and founded by the Austrian family that The Sound Of Music is based on!! The halls were lined with old tour posters from when the family used to travel the country singing, as well as movie posters from the Hollywood version of their lives, and thousands of slice-of-life pictures of the family doing chores, cooking, tending to animals, "syruping" (syruping may sound like something that was cool in high school, but it refers to retrieving maple syrup from trees...), all while wearing traditional Austrian garb. Who would have thought that there would be such Hollywood history high up in the mountains of VT?
Breakfast the first day in nearby Montpellier

Breakfast, Day II - sweet and savory croissants (mine was the sweet one!), local cider, coffee and beer! (Ok, that was for later, but it rounded out the meal, aesthetically.)

One last thing to do before we left: A two-horse open sleigh ride.

What to wear in winter wonderland?
Who Wore it Best?


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