Free The People

I finally exited relative post-college poverty and re-joined the "Buy New Clothes" movement, and things are going swimmingly. Turns out, there's a whole world out there steps away from my mom's pre-selected closet. As much as I still love raiding her wardrobe rejects, I've been cleaning out my own closet and filling in the gaps with some new purchases. The result? See below:

As you can clearly see, I love color!! Even (especially) in the winter. 

Stay tuned for more photos of the outfit styled differently throughout the day, and don't forget to enter my Parker Pen giveaway!!


Giveaway - Parker 5th Pen

Tis the season for giving, and Scorpion Disco wants in on the action!

I'm giving away a beautiful, Writer's Block-banishing pen from Parker - The Parker 5th IM Premium in gunmetal. Drop that old chewed up Bic, this is the real deal. You know the expression "The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword"? I'm pretty sure that refers to the Parker 5th. It's the perfect weight, perfect shape, and perfect temperature (nice and cool in your hand - that's important!!), so one lucky winner will definitely be writing a lot of love letters.

The stylist in me is jonesing to style these babies. Here's how I imagine it if:

Chloe Horse Bracelet

Louis Vuitton Shoes

Anyone is free to enter - The steps are Three-fold, and pretty standard Giveaway rules.

1.) Comment below

Bonus - tweet me @scorpiondisco! I love reading your tweets - I'm a tweet geek.

Winner will be announced January 1st.


WINNER of the Parker 5th IM Premium in Gunmetal IS: 


CONGRATS and thanks for playing!

Thanks to Parker Pens and La Force and Stevens. Good luck!


Transitional Dressing - Put a Lid on It.

I wore this to the Sartorialist visit to Boston earlier this week - It was a really misty, muggy night - No jacket needed, but I had to throw on a hat over my rain-frazzled hair. 

Naturally, I had an outfit planned out for over a week - I mean, it's Le Sartorialist...! - but equally as naturally, I came up with another outfit last minute, unplanned and un-thought-out. And, also naturally, my mom hated it. Not sure what the moral of this story is, but open to ideas via Twitter - @scorpiondisco.

I had the incredible opportunity to interview Mr. Schuman a few days before his visit --> check out the interview for The Phoenix hereAnd - here's where I reveal myself as a real Fashion Groupie - below is a (terrible) photo of me (but a great one of the Sartorialist) getting my interview signed! Score!! 
(Image thanks to Lei Ann Off Duty)

Schuman's second book, Closer, with two alternate covers - Brilliant!


Max Mara Suit

This Max Mara cotton suit is impossibly easy to throw on and look instantly pulled together. Plus, as a freelance writer, my days are always completely different, so I can throw it on for an AM meeting and head for drinks later in the evening. All of which I have done. Today.

Suit: Max Mara
Blouse: Bebe
Shoes: Coach
Bag: Primadonna
Socks: Happy Socks



Me with The Boston Stylista and treats from Fossil. 
Image courtesy of Fossil, via twitter @fossil

HM earrings and hat, Fossil silk dress (HERE), Hue tights, Coach boots. 
Orange tote from random store in Italy.

At Mohr McPherson in the South End chilling with Buddha. Is it sacrilegious to lean casually, and by all accounts nonchalantly on Buddha's forehead?

On a rainy night last month, a bunch of bloggers here in Boston were invited to pop into the Fossil store on Newbury Street to check out the brand's new Holiday collection. No shortage of great jewelry and a few great bags - Hello rugged, old-money-looking, winter-in-the-countryside wool tote: 
Bags, $218 and $108

But...I was really loving the clothing!! I know Fossil is best known for watches (need I remind you of a certain episode of Jersey Shore??) but they've been churning out a ton of amazing clothing that really never fails to cause me to trip and bump into innocent city strollers as I become glued to the window while walking down Newbury Street. Always on-trend, always quirky and funky, great fabrics - I don't know a lot of places that have a totally current (by way of being majorly vintage-inspired) pieces in materials like the 100% Silk swan-print dress that I picked up on Black Friday.