Flea Market Skull Candy

While cruising the SoWa Vintage Flea Market on Sunday and I came across an entire stand almost exclusively dedicated to religious paraphernalia, animal skulls in jars, and bowls full of antlers for $4. I felt like I had stepped into the beautiful gypsy caravan of a South End witch doctor..!

Photos by Scorpion Disco

Not sure why, exactly, but animal skulls are a great shabby-chic interior design touch. To keep your conscience in check, just make sure they are found and not..."sourced", please!

 Here are some interior decorating ideas:

-Jewelry Storage-

- Intricate Wall Art - 

- Interior Focal Point - 

Or, if all else fails, 
- Fashion Statement - 
Photos via Pinterest


Jane Birkin - Beautiful Person Then / Beautiful Person Now

I know these photos aren't exactly hot-off-the-presses, but I was recently (digitally) sifting through some (digital) piles of images I've been  (digitally) collecting and was just struck by these two totally different photos of a remarkably iconic woman.

Time is a funny thing, oui?

Thank goodness for Mother-Daughter bonds though - the best kind there is!


Tibi FW12 - Futuristic Clothes fit for an Old World Sicilian Lady

I was just cruising the Tibi site while doing research for a project that I'm helping to launch in October (which also happens to be my birthmonth, gift registry information to follow). And yes, that's how great my work is...I shop the websites of amazing, trend-making brands all day for a living. And, oddly enough, have no money left at the end of the day to show for it, since I obviously run across a thing or seven that I just absolutely need. I think my boss is getting some kind of kickback from these designers...

Tibi is the perfect example of a brand that outdoes, nay, reinvents itself every season. So, logically, FW12 is the best yet! The collection is the epitome of futuristic - shiny, boxy, structural pieces, that are still completely ladylike and elegant. One outfit in particular really reminded me of the chic, Space Odyssey 2012 version of my lovely Sicilian aunt. The sparkly lurex fabric, an upgrade from the neoprene silhouettes of warmer days gone by, is on its own enough to warrant a Fashion-Blogger feeding frenzy, and the fitted, but still somehow, magically, shapeless cut of the skirt makes it an absolute must have. Pair it with the Tech Knit Split Neck Top, as shown, and you've got an outfit that is just as likely to be seen outside the Lincoln Center as at Sunday Dinner at Zia Sarina's. How's that for versatile?

Tech Knit Split Neck Top, $285 and Lurex Jacquard Pencil Skirt, $445, both Tibi,

We spotted this dame last month at a pizzeria in Milazzo, Sicily, dancing the night away with her strapping Prince Charming. Call me crazy, but...she's just the right amount dignified and daring, and I really could see her rocking this Tibi number. 


Unintentional Underwater Copycat

Came across a photo on Copious' website. It reminded me of a photo my brother took of me underwater in Sicily last month:
(Should be pretty easy to guess which is me and which is the model..!)

Some more underwater shots I've been harvesting from Pinterest.