At Rag and Bone

Last week, Rag and Bone celebrated the opening of their first store here in Boston. It goes without saying that Bostonians love any reason to dress up, gather in a room, and drink champagne surrounded by beautiful people and beautiful things, and there was no shortage of any of that!

Rag and Bone designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville were on-site to chat, and Gisele and Tom made an appearance, too. Can I say, without being weird, that Gisele smells awesome? That was weird, wasn't it...But seriously, whatever perfume she uses was heavenly!

Here are some photos from the party:

photo via The Bostonista's cell phone

The Bostonista, Gisele, and Me. 
Photo via The Bostonista's cell phone

Me and The Bostonista with Tom Brady. My dad's response to this picture? "I could take him."
Photo via The Bostonista's cell phone

Here's a random photo op - Fashion bloggers talking burgers and nonsense with Patriots Wide Receiver Julian Edelman. Definitely the most dapper dude in the NFL. Food, Fashion and Football? That's a Renaissance Man if one ever exists.
Left to Right: Najeema of A Stylized Hysteria, Julian Edelman, Kara Weymouth of The Bostonista, and me!

And the clothes!! The most important part, after champage, and mini lobster rolls.

My top picks -

Summary: Good times had by all.

Thanks, Rag and Bone!!


Disco Inferno

Some images via Visceral Photography of a recent photoshoot for Stuff Magazine that I styled. The inspiration is a shimmery metallic, non-costumey ode to the 70's.

Gold Look: Top, HM. Pants, k.hendrix at, shoes Senso Diffusion at, earrings Sophie Hughes.

Silver Look: Black Sequin Halter k.hendrix at, Silver Tank Theory, Skirt DVF, Shoes Posh at, jewelry by Sophie Hughes.

Styled/Produced: by Renata Certo-Ware
Photography: Danny Kim of Visceral Photography
Model: Jessica C of Maggie Inc
Makeup: Elena Kucerova
Hair: Patty of Shag Boston
Location: The Beehive, South End - Boston, MA

And the best part - we made cover!!!


Backstage at the Dress Code Boston Show and Presentation

Here are some photos from the model fitting. Jeff Lahens, stylist and designer, is strictly Menswear, and he sure does know what he's doing! He thinks of every last detail, down to the pocket square, and proves that despite how awesome women are at it, fashion is for the boys, too.

My picks for the top looks:

Clothing from Stels, Uniform, Drinkwater's, and Ball and Buck.
Models from Model Inc, Maggie, Click, and Dynasty
Location: Champagne Room/Fitting Room at the Intercontinental Hotel, Boston MA

Beauty Review: Korres Milk Proteins 3-in-1

After a squeezing the last drop out of my toner a week or so ago, I made a Sunday morning pilgrimage to Sephora to worship at the altars of beautydom and seek wisdom from the wise and always fresh-looking reps that are always ready to help. (Sometimes too ready, I might add..ahem, Sephora: Tone it down. Pun intended)

So as is my way, I spent a ton of time in-store, comparing, testing, smelling, cell-phone googling, and grilling employees to find the perfect toner, and since buying this Korres Milk Protein 3-in-1 toner, moisturizer and make-up remover, I haven't looked back! My No. 1 concerns were finding something with all natural (or mostly natural!) ingredients that would deeply cleanse my pores (I mean deep...I-want-to-feel-the-wind-go-through-my-pores clean), and something that wasn't tested on animals and doesn't contain animal products (my aesthetician friend, Elena K, scanned the label of one toner I was looking at and found an ingredient that was made from lamb's fat! Yuck!!)

This 3-in-1 by Korres, which is a Greek label, is 96% natural, cruelty-free, and pretty shmawesome. You rub a little dollop onto your hands and rub it onto your face and neck, much as you would a facial lotion, but you can really feel it gently cleansing your pores as it moisturizes. The instructions say you can rub off any excess with a cotton ball or a splash of water, but I usually left it on to sink in. My face feels incredibly smooth and my skin tone is bright, thanks to super-emulsifying lactose and amino acids, and it smells fresh and...Greek! It's what I imagine a beautiful rolling field in Greece would smell like -- earthy and clean. (Disclaimer: I've never been to Greece, but am open to the trip, if anyone wants to take me.)

Definitely check this brand out, even if you just grab some testers at Sephora, and send me some feedback - I'd love to know how it worked for you!


Cold Picnic Ring

After weeks of lusting away online, I finally ordered this Rams Head ring from Cold Picnic. It's everything I hoped it would be and more! When I put it on for the first time, I felt like I was reunited with it -- it really belongs on my hand. And yes, I feel that poetically romantic about a piece of metal. And you would, too, if you received this in the mail:

Ring: Cold Picnic, Nailpolish: Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Jo'mina

And best of all, it came with a hand-written note, signed by Phoebe and Peter, the Cold Picnic founders and jewelers. Get better than that! I love this label, and I'll always have my eye out for their amazing inspired-by-nature, made-in-Brooklyn pieces.


Trend Challenge

I came across this photo of Alexa Chung in my net surfing and blog cruising and I was just dying to try this look out in real time.

Stockholm Streetstyle snapped Alexa wearing a dress over a blouse, pinafore style. It's a great way to breath new life into a dress and painlessly (and goosebump-lessly) transition from Winter to Spring.

As seen on Caroline's Mode.

My version:

I chose a plaid blouse from J. Crew under a plain LBD from F21 with my favorite Steve Madden Mary-Janes wedges. It's a little back-to-school-chic, but a great way to wear a dress in this not-quite-Spring East Coast weather.



Sometimes to be fierce, you gotta pack a punch with some serious attitude:

This is dedicated to my bff Kajal, who just the right amount of attitude, and who believes that I don't blog enough...You can kiss my ---!

Work it!