As Cold as Ice

To quote a now infamous viral video on youtube (which if you haven't seen by now I feel sorry for you), I'm ob.sessed. with this icicle-inspired necklace from Boston-based jeweler Sophie Hughes. Sorry for the sub-par quality of this cell phone picture, and the sub-par quality of my cell phone (Almost time for an upgrade!!), but look at this amazing piece, and look and how much it made me smile!!

And, since a picture tells a thousand words, look at the post-hurricane scenery at Emily Muller's studio behind me. We were just finishing packing up for a fashion show. It's miraculous that I even had time to put on a necklace and take a photo.


Vintage Inspiration

I've been really feeling a major vintage vibe lately. I mean, real vintage. Not like, 90's vintage - I'm talking about Belle Epoque, the Gilded Age, Kennedy-era, all that. The Good Times. I read a fantastic book called The Power of Style, which dedicates a chapter each to some of history's most fashionable, influential women. Some I had never heard of - Daisy Fellowes, Rita Lydig, Elsie DeWolfe, Millicent Rogers- others I know of well -C.Z Guest, Jacqueline Kennedy, Coco Chanel, and a Guinness or two. It was just so amazing to read about the lost art of simply being chic.

Here are some of my fave vintage photos that have been lurking on my computer. Perfect for enjoying while waiting for snow on the East Coast.

Rock Hudson and Doris Day 

Madame Gres, master of draping.

Images via paperlesspost, thesartorialist, pinterest

Bon Nuit,

The Village

Fresh from my weekend in NYC visiting my best friend Lexi. The entire weekend was simply perfection! From messing with makeup at the MAC counter at Bloomies to dinner at Alta, drinks at the Knickerbocker, and manis at Bliss, I could not have asked for a more perfect little escape. Sometime what I love most about New York is being able to come and go as I please. And having a BFF with a sick apt in the West Village doesn't hurt either.

Lexi treated me to a manicure at Bliss Spa in Soho - Love this color: Glamour Purse by Essie

Lexi's new signature look: Ring finger painted a similar but different color.

 At Alta, best restaurant in NYC and one of the best restaurants in the world, without a doubt. Definitely make it a point to go next time you're in the West Village, but just make sure you make reservations and bring cash.

At the Knickerbocker - one of the best, low-key spots in NYC, and great ice cream sundaes.

Louis Vuitton Circus-inspired window.

The view from Tiffany, 6th floor! Love the color-coordinated cars and taxis.

Inspiration: Royal Blues

The Inspiration:
Isn't this just the most stunning blend of deep, royal blues, green, yellow, purple, rose, and a tinge of peach?

Life's Imitations:
Maybelline Lips in NYC, Photo by Scorpion Disco (Me!)

H.R.H Sheika Moza of Qatar - A true classic style icon if there ever was one.

Patrick Demarchlier for Dior SS08

 A look from Tadashi Shoji SS2012 Photo by Scorpion Disco (Me!) 

 Emerson SS2012 Final Walk-Through. Photo by Scorpion Disco (Me!)

All photos from unless otherwise noted.

I hope these gorgeous photos cured any and all of your winter blues, lovely readers. I have plenty more inspiration up my sleeve, so stay tuned!!


Chunky Knits

Winter is all about swaddling yourself in the chunkiest, coziest knits possible. Take a peek at some of the most inspiring knits of the season, and get ready to bunker down and bundle up!

Missoni Runway

Alexander Wang Runway

photo via Caroline's Mode

This huge Michael Kors scarf takes up so much room in my closet year round, but is so worth it when each winter rolls around - its like a big hug from the Snuggle teddy bear, and totally annihilates the intensely cold Boston winter winds.

All Photos from,, Caroline's Mode or my own.