Transitional Dressing - Put a Lid on It.

I wore this to the Sartorialist visit to Boston earlier this week - It was a really misty, muggy night - No jacket needed, but I had to throw on a hat over my rain-frazzled hair. 

Naturally, I had an outfit planned out for over a week - I mean, it's Le Sartorialist...! - but equally as naturally, I came up with another outfit last minute, unplanned and un-thought-out. And, also naturally, my mom hated it. Not sure what the moral of this story is, but open to ideas via Twitter - @scorpiondisco.

I had the incredible opportunity to interview Mr. Schuman a few days before his visit --> check out the interview for The Phoenix hereAnd - here's where I reveal myself as a real Fashion Groupie - below is a (terrible) photo of me (but a great one of the Sartorialist) getting my interview signed! Score!! 
(Image thanks to Lei Ann Off Duty)

Schuman's second book, Closer, with two alternate covers - Brilliant!