Mario Testino's First US Exhibit Brings the Beautiful to Boston

On Wednesday, Mario Testino, who needs no introduction, opened his first US exhibit at the MFA in Boston. He hand selected 122 of his favorite photos from his career, which will be on display, along with around 16 photos from his British Royal Portrait archives, through February 2013.

The exhibit seems to be creating some controversy among the art-world (or wanna-be art-world) set, who feel that this In Your Face (as the exhibit is called) fashion photography symbolizes the demise of Boston's beloved MFA.

Poppycock, haters!

The other camp, of which I am a member, believes that this will bring a breath of fresh air to a city that, face it, doesn't always like to take risks. And when else have this many fashion gods been in town at once? Anna Wintour, Gisele, Joan Smalls, Constance Jablonski, Edita, Bianca Balti, Karlie Kloss, Derek Blasberg, Hamish Bowles, Erin Wasson, Candice Swanopeole, and tons more editors, supermodels, and pretty faces came to fete the exhibit, and there is certain to be a steady stream of fashion die-hards making the trek to Boston in the coming months to see the exhibit. This bold move will surely be a good one for the museum and for the city. Change is good!

To read my review of the exhibit for Bullett, check it out here.

In between seeing the exhibit, hearing some background from Mario himself, conducting interviews on the red carpet, and pinching myself to make sure it was all real, I snapped some photos on my phone and with my DSLR.

Yummy snacks at the museum cafe reminding me why I'm not a supermodel.
Love this GIANT photo of Stella Tenant as Marie Antoinette, and I also love my cuddly faux fur vest.

Alessandra Ambrosio, stopping to pose for some shutterbugs before leaving the gala early.
Anna Wintour, non-ironically wearing Prada. She and Mario have been friends for 25 years or so, and she is the reason he works for Conde Nast.

Gisele gushing about her buddy Mario, who she has worked with since she was beginning her career at age 16.

Super-tall supermodel Karlie Kloss was surprised to learn that a photograph of her was in the exhibit.
Love Sidrid Agren! She's so cute and French. Of course.
One of my serious faves, Constance Jablonski, also adorable, also French. She's from Lille, the same town at my BFF Esther. Who also happens to be impossibly tall, thin, and blond. Must be something in l'eau.
Me in a faux fur vest, Daniela Corte peplum top, Sophie Hughes Jewelry, HM skirt, vintage bag.
At the V Mag afterparty with Constance and her side-slit.
One of my heros!!! Derek Blasberg. I knew this photo would look hideous of me but I couldn't resist. He has such an amazing career at age 30, I can only hope to be as successful and as good at what I do as him one day.
Hamish Bowles - he kept his glasses on for this photo, at my request. Swoon! Another ridiculously inspiring career. I hope I can be like him one day, English accent and all.