Bradley and Diegel Newbury Street

Volume, Volume, Volume!!

I popped in to Bradley and Diegel for a blowout before an event last week, and I usually blowdry my naturally-curly, tangly, messy hair to straightness on my own every couple days. But sometimes, a gal just needs a hand!! 

Evan at Bradley and Diegel did a fantastic job, we had the funniest conversation about 50 Shades of Grey, and the blowout lasted like 3 days! I went to another event on Day 2, and people couldn't believe that after two full days and one night of sleeping on it, it was still so bouncy and healthy looking.

Warning: Having hair this perfectly coiffed will make you walk down Newbury Street obnoxiously tossing your hair around like you're in a Tresemme commercial.

Pair that with a layer of Sophie Hughes necklaces, and voila! Red Carpet ready for the Mario Testino opening at Boston's MFA.

PS - Today is my birthday!!! I'll be Scorpion Disco-ing the night away!!