Flea Market Skull Candy

While cruising the SoWa Vintage Flea Market on Sunday and I came across an entire stand almost exclusively dedicated to religious paraphernalia, animal skulls in jars, and bowls full of antlers for $4. I felt like I had stepped into the beautiful gypsy caravan of a South End witch doctor..!

Photos by Scorpion Disco

Not sure why, exactly, but animal skulls are a great shabby-chic interior design touch. To keep your conscience in check, just make sure they are found and not..."sourced", please!

 Here are some interior decorating ideas:

-Jewelry Storage-

- Intricate Wall Art - 

- Interior Focal Point - 

Or, if all else fails, 
- Fashion Statement - 
Photos via Pinterest



  1. Yeah, I am not totally sure why I have such an obsession with skulls and the macabre but I keep buying them. Never sourced, always found;)

  2. Love the last photo!!

  3. Lovely oddities...!


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