Shopping My Closet

Rediscovered this adorable, ballerina-inspired La Rok dress in my closet last week and wore it to my BBF's (Best Blogger Friend's) birthday dinner in Harvard Square. I dug it up again this past weekend for a Diner's, Drive-ins and Dives-themed brunch in the North End, and found it works just as well for breakfast, dinner, and everything in between!

Dress, La Rok. Bag, Primadonna (Italy). Shoes, Melissa. Necklace, HM. Sunnies, Ray Ban

The reason I banished this dress to the back of my closet is because I wore it on a trans-Atlantic flight to Istanbul one winter with tights underneath, and the skirt, which is a silk/cotton blend, had major, MAY-JOR static cling. I mean, it clung to my legs like a terrified toddler. I had to run through Visa control at Charles du Gaul airport in Paris with one hand clenching my passport and the other holding my skirt from being sucked into the gravitational pull of static energy. Rough. So, more than two years later, after always sparing it from donating, tossing, selling, or swapping, I decided to try it on again; give it a second chance. And, Voila:

So the moral of the story - 
1.) Buy so many clothes you don't remember what you already own
2.) Take a break from shopping for a week or two. 
3.) Panic, Open closet, 
4.) Desperately sift through your clothes, looking for sign, anything.
5.) Find something you forgot about
6.) Put it on
7.) Love it
8.) If it is stretchy and/or flowy, go to brunch and eat everything on your plate.

Brunch at Theo's Sandwich Shop in the North End



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  2. That dress is so pretty. I'd probably keep it too, even if I had no plans to wear it again!


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