Dolce Vita Glitter Booties

It's old news that guys hate glitter (excluding trannies and 5 year old arts-and-crafts lovers).

But guess what? Girls love Glitter. Deal with it.

Got these gorgeous Dolce Vita Layna boots in Silver just for the heck of it. I may wear them all the time, I may never wear them, but they're shiny and I love em! 

And better yet, they were on sale at 

Have you guys ever bought something ridiculously impractical just because it made you feel like world peace might someday be possible? Do tell!!!



  1. Well, at the moment I have a floor-length fishtail black velvet skirt, bright pink chiffon maxi skirt, sequin-covered skimpy dress, and at least 3 pairs of shoes I can't walk in sitting in my closet. What can I say? They were all great deals, and it makes me happy just to know they are there. Just in case my life starts to resemble Serena van der Woodsen's!

  2. Dude, get a pair of Dr. Scholls fast flats. I never ever used to wear heels until I realized I could just sit in them at the bar and change into flats for the ride there/home

    Also those shoes are great


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