Outtakes from the Reiss Show Styling Frenzy

As you know, Reiss is hosting its first fashion show/DJ Party/Art exhibition here in Boston tomorrow (you might still be able to RSVP to Reissboston@reissusa.com). There will be three separate shows featuring looks from the SS12 collection, which is inspired by 90's California by way of 1940's Poolside style. Get more awesome than that.

I've styled the Womenswear looks for all three shows - all the clothing is unreal, so it was hard to choose just 9 outfits!

Here are some of the semi-finalists that didn't make it into the show, but are too magical not to post.

 Camilla Dress, $210. Marli Jacket, $745

Naveen Skirt, $245

AND, the dress I picked up for myself to wear:
Bridge Dress, $340

If this whets your appetite for British fashion, come see the final nine choices tomorrow evening at 132 Newbury Street from 7-10pm.


  1. Fantastic dress you got for yourself my dear!! Great all around! Have a blast and I'd so be there if I could xxxx

  2. Looking forward to it!! Definitely need a fashionable night out!

  3. The dress you chose for yourself is too lovely! I'm sorry I missed it- this week has totally kicked my butt.


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