Society Girls

Me and my mom getting rezhuzhed before dinner.
Faux fur coat and small purse: Vintage / Dress: HM / Blazer: Cache / Belt: F21 / Boots: Report

The cutest and chicest sliders on the East Coast at The Swann Lounge.

Last night we celebrated the release of a special beer from my mom's brewery, Dock Street. It was a truffled ale, aged in chardonnay barrels. And where else to fete but at the Four Seasons? Best way to spend a Monday night? Get gussied up and enjoy truffle beer and $17 burgers. Delish!



  1. Awesome dress and belt!! Looks like a great time was had!

  2. Your mom has a brewery?! How are we not best friends?! That beer sounds amazing, by the way.

  3. Whoa, truffled ale? Tell me where I can get my hands on some. For real. I knew your mom had a brewery, I did not know she was dealing in anything related to truffles!

  4. You look amazing! Love that dress and that coat! Oh, that coat!!!

  5. Congrats to your mom! I'm absolutely obsessed with your jacket. I've been looking for just the right faux fur or vintage fur for ages.


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