Chunky Knits

Winter is all about swaddling yourself in the chunkiest, coziest knits possible. Take a peek at some of the most inspiring knits of the season, and get ready to bunker down and bundle up!

Missoni Runway

Alexander Wang Runway

photo via Caroline's Mode

This huge Michael Kors scarf takes up so much room in my closet year round, but is so worth it when each winter rolls around - its like a big hug from the Snuggle teddy bear, and totally annihilates the intensely cold Boston winter winds.

All Photos from,, Caroline's Mode or my own.



  1. I love that scarf! And since I just lost my favorite scarf, I might have to pick up a giant one like that. Also, really like your dramatic eyeliner.

  2. All the luscious, chunky knits!! Your MK one is a good one. I have a great one from Italy from my mother, but it sheds all over everything. Le sigh. Great pics of you my dear :)

  3. I love your Michael Korrs scarf! It looks so warm and comfy! I'm absolutely FREEZING tonight so I'm all loaded up with my chunky knits! You look beautiful as always!

    Also, I have to tell you what happened at that show I went to last night! But you didn't miss anything good believe me!
    Hang out soon?


  4. What is that chunky metallic knit? Missoni? I'm obsessed!

  5. How cute are you?! Love the look, and the new blog layout!

  6. LOVE the nudie braid image - absolutely gorgeous.



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