Jewels for the Queen of Egypt

Here's a quick cell-phone snapshot of this lovely Cleopatra-approved necklace by Boston-based jeweler Dava Muramatsu x Nymph. I love the teardrop shape of the smooth red carnelians, and they get pretty warm the longer you wear them -- tres magical!

Calvin Klein Blazer, Arden B Sequined Top, Toywatch.

Photo from Nymph Jewelry. Necklace, $565, available here.


Holiday Shimmer

A couple weeks ago, I got the perfect invite - A make-up sesh with Chase Astyn, the brains behind 15 years worth of The Body Shop's make-up collections, on a Friday, after work but before my plans to shop and have drinks with a friend. What could be more perfectly timed??

I really loved this super-sheer lipstick (Colourglide Lipstick in Soft Peony) Chase used on my lips. It's the lightest, sweetest shade of lilac, and just politely hints at color - it's basically the creaminess of a lipstick but the sheerness of a tinted balm - but a lot less messy to use.

As a bonafide girly-girl, I. Died when I saw a little bottle of pale pink shimmering powder that gets spritzed in a graceful princess-worthy puff. It works on face and hair, and just gives a subtle shine -- nothing the Jersey Shore girls would be interested in, but just fine for me!

Photos courtesy of The Body Shop and Bratskeir Co.

Another favorite product was the Extra Virgin Mineral Cream foundation, which was literally (and I know the term is over-used but you gotta believe me!) weightless. He finished off my lips with a hit of Hi-Shine Lip Treatment in pink, and BAM. Ready for a night out.

I know everyone out there has at least one product from the Body Shop. I have pretty much the entire collection, from head to toe. I love everything - the packaging, the sweet scents, the simplicity - it's all so unfussy and easy to use, affordable but not cheap, natural, plus, and most importantly, The Body Shop gives back! They never test on animals, and they donate to several really important causes, like women's rights. What, pray tell, is not to love?

Now get out there and get yourself a Holiday gift. A girls gotta shimmer every now and then, oui?


Nuit Blanche

Daphne Guinness for Contra Mundum - Diamond encrusted 18k Platinum chainmaile gauntlet. A necessity this season.

A still from the movie "Nuit Blanche", describing the feeling of two people meeting for the first time. 

Winter's here, nighttime reigns supreme, and it's time to live romantically in black and white - late nights, interesting strangers, and utterly feminine mystique abound.

Photos via Pinterest

Bon Nuit,

Lace and Pumpkin

I paired this body-conscious, but super comfortable stretch cotton Ann Taylor dress with pumpkin-colored accessories - a vintage belt, my beloved whiskey-flask-case-cum-purse, and opaque tights. I love the front zipper feature on the dress, and the all-over lace print. Definitely a winter staple.

Dress: Ann Taylor, Belt and Bag: Vintage, Tights: Sculptz, Shoes: Report

Above images from the

And on a gossip note: I heard that the president of Ann Taylor was really unhappy with the choice to cast Demi Moore in the ad campaign. They have a new designer (hence the line's new, fresher, and may I say more blogger-friendly look) who hand selected her and was adamant about using her. I have to say, Mr. President - I absolutely love her in the ads, even though I'm not a personal fan (consider me neutral on Demi Moore - gorgeous, I respect her, but that's about my level of commitment) and I really only started taking note of the brand after seeing her ads in magazines.  

On another note, they've got some major, awesome sales going on right now online and in stores. Check it.