Thankful For: Bright Colors.

Hat: Baileys of Hollywood. Coat: Andrew Marc. Pants: J. Crew. Scarf, boots - Random

Bright colors, among other things, of course!

Every Thanksgiving, my family and I go watch a (strictly symbolic) fox hunt (no animals hurt!) in the country side. Its a very British tradition, reinterpreted and brought back to life on America's East Coast. Its basically a high-brow tailgating event, and I look forward to it every year. I never thought I'd say this, but I think its so incredible to get out of the city every now and then and enjoy crisp, cool air, clear skies, beautiful horses and their riders (in covetable red coat-tails), champagne and great food. Plus there is always some pretty entertaining fashion, from the ladies in full fur coats, men in Barbour, and many an interesting hat.

My dog trying to sneak some food!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a merry Black Friday!


Smoke and Sparkle Preview

Make-up : Chase Aston for The Body Shop
Dress: HM
Belt: Vintage 

The Body Shop is my go-to for everything beauty-related. From feet to body to make-up, my routine is pretty much dominated by The Body Shop. I tend to find their products just so easy, non-fussy, great smelling, cutely packaged, and affordable but not cheap or tacky. They support amazing causes like women's rights and animal rights (kind of funny that those two categories - women and animals - are in the same sentence...hmm, but that's for another post).

The new Holiday 2011 make-up collection was just released this week, and I got a chance to have Chase Aston, the man behind 15 years worth of Body Shop make-up and some seriously beautiful red-carpet looks (inside dish - Cameron Diaz is a favorite client of his!) walk me through the products and do my make-up. And, he got me to appreciate silver eye shadow - As a dark-haired, Mediterranean-blooded gal, I thought I couldn't wear cool colors and I always stuck to golds and browns, but Chase got me to branch out, and the 4 Step Smokey Eye Palette is the way to start. It's even got a step-by-step, illustrated instructional on the back. Perfect!!

My favorite is The Sparkler, a light-weight, subtle, grown-up shimmer powder for face and hair that  you mist on with a vintage-inspired poof. (There's got to be a technical word for it...but check out the above photo, in the top left corner. See what I mean?)

More photos and product reviews to come very soon, but I just wanted to share a couple quick photos. In the meantime, check out the Body Shop and start planning your Holiday looks!


Face to Face - Profile Remix

Face your demons, fashionistas, or just revel in how beautifully expressive these faces are, even though you can only see half! Sometimes less is more....

Photos: Pinterest

Scotch Naturals Nailpolish

Ok, so I know this isn't news or anything, but.....
How cute and indecently feminine are these cheeky polishes by Scotch?


Scotch polishes in and Leprechaun Lynch, Morning Glory Fizz, Whisper, Ceasefire, and Troya

These are more than just a pretty face - they are vegan, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and free of the following naughty things - cruelty, gluten, fragrance, toxins, and parabens. But honestly, they're just fecking adorable! Buy them here, and send me one too!


Fashionable First Friday

Friday night, us girls at Emily Muller opened our studio/showroom to the public for the first time! It was a truly perfect evening - our new studio has a fresh coat of paint, and the clothing looked amazing - we had our new collections out along with some pieces from the archives. Plus, a ton of Boston's glitterati turned up to try on clothing, check out "Escape", the new SS2012 collection, and enjoy some libations. The air was crackling with good will, and every time I looked around the room everyone was smiling, laughing, and having a good time. Enemies became friends, friends became Best Friends -- a good time was had by all. And I could have sworn I saw a unicorn gallop past the open door and wink at us.

God (Fashion God, of course - non-denominational, although has a soft-spot for YSL) knows I love a big, dramatic collar, so I literally snatched this Emily Muller vest so quickly that there was a smoke imprint where it used to be. Snakeskin blouse from Kenneth Cole.

I pretty much live in these pants - Matchstick Cords by JCrew.

 Emily Muller, right, wearing (what else) Emily Muller, and her mom, who happened to show up in pretty much the same outfit! The apple doesn't fall far from the atelier, does it?

Blogger twins Kristin, aka The Boston Fashionista, and Michele, of Michele's Musings

 The world's sweetest (and most talented) photographer, Sarah Winchester, and Jess Sutton, one of the founders of Directory B - If you are a blogger, you definitely want to sign up to this blog directory. (Both in Emily Muller coats, available here and here)

 With Brittney, blogger from Brilliance of B. We had matching purses! Great minds...

Elena Kucerova, an amazing aesthetician from La Residencia Spa in Newton, MA - just outside Boston. You simply must book her for a 24k Gold Facial. Seriously. Your life will change.

Chatting with Holly, of Covetous Creatures. To caption this photo - "Can you believe this guy over here?" 

This beautiful lady fell in love with this olive silk dress. It suited her so well that she bought it and wore it out the door. Beautiful!!!

Helping Holly try on this gorgeous Silk Parachute Dress from the SS2012 Collection. We are starting custom pre-orders for the entire collection, which you can see here.

How perfectly does this match her hair and her Litas? 

Emily, chatting with Greg and Holly, both the masterminds behind Covetous Creatures.

Make sure and check out our website,, and if you are in the Boston area, come by the first Friday of every month for our open studios, or make an appointment to see the collections. 

Let me know what you guys think of the clothing and the party -- you know how much I love feedback and comments!