Fashion Porn - Street Style Edition

Here are some amazing Street Style images I've been collecting on my computer since Fashion Week Month. These have gotten me through Fall with endless inspiration, so I share them with you, young readers, so that you too may go forth and make our streets a chicer place to be.

Tommy Ton for

The Clothes do the Talking:

Leigh Lezark on Stockholm Streetstyle

From Refinery29. LOVE the matchy-matchiness, and the unexpected purple pumps!

 Christina Ricci in Bullet Magazine, wearing Falguni and Shane Peacock - I was lucky enough to see their SS2012 show at NYFW this September, and it was stunning! Check out my review here.

Texture Confusion:
I love the way the following fashionistas mix smooth silks with nubby knits. Unexpected and fresh!

The Blonde Salad - LOVE that skirt! Now that's my kind of Street Sweeper.

Neutrals that are so not blah:
Katie Bain on Citizen Couture 
Tommy Ton for

Stockholm Streetstyle

Amazing Lace:
Stockholm Streetstyle

Tommy Ton for


Betsey Johnson - Boston or Bust

If you have talked to me at all in the past few days, you know that I saw - nay, lived - Betsey Johnson this past weekend. She was in Boston for a huge (and may I add successful!) fundraiser for the non-profit that her brother, Bob Johnson, chairs - the South End Community Health Center, which raises money for people in need who have cancer - a cause very close to her heart, no pun intended.

Me, wearing Betsey Johnson, with Betsey Johnson, also in Betsey Johnson.

Saturday, which the Mayor of Boston declared Betsey Johnson Day, started off with a conference at the MFA.

Naturally, Ms. Johnson made an entrance - she snuck onto the stage 30 minutes late, wearing a beanie, socks with pink heels, and dragging two Betseyville suitcases full of 5 decades worth of stand-outs from her past collections, which she unpacked over the course of an hour or so and laid out on the stage as she answered audience questions.

She spoke a lot about how she went from a small town Connecticut girl - a ballerina who wore pearls and crewneck sweaters, if you'll believe that! - to living and loving the 60's, Studio 54, her 1990's lingerie-inspired pieces (one of which I was wearing!), licensing, and everything in between! 

Another gratuitous picture - I literally knocked people out of the way like it was 6am at Target on Black Friday. 

I'll take this opportunity now to say that Betsey Johnson looked up into the audience, saw me wearing one of her dresses, and said, to me, "I remember that dress!!". 

I. Died.

 Posing in the MFA in the glow after the conference.

Then, I went home to rest - I literally needed to take a nap and reflect on my proximity to my fashion idol - before rezhuzhing my make-up for evening and adding a necklace to head to the fashion show!

And....of course, my camera's battery died, but I did manage to snap some shots with my cell phone (what I'm getting at here is - Pardon the poor quality of the photos!) I will say, not having a camera and not trying to take the "perfect" shot was so relaxing and enlightening. I got to sit back and enjoy the show. Which I certainly did. This was easily the best fashion show I have ever seen - the models were having a blast walking the cat walk, dancing, striking goofy poses, the clothing was in-your-face fun, the music was a feminist mix of everything from Nikki Minaj to Peaches to M.I.A., and it was all wrapped up in a pretty little bow when Betsey did one of her trademark cartwheels down the runway.

This pink Fiat is the horse she rode in on, and is being raffled online - you can purchase a raffle ticket here

Betsey with her lovely assistant, Petra wearing an awesome burnout tunic, which Betsey admitted doesn't represent the things she likes to design, but which sold like hotcakes. Hey, I'd wear it!

Before runway, models stood on cubes in the lounge areas. Each cube was marked with one of the 5 decades Betsey has been wowing Barbies everywhere -- I think this one was 60's?

Model Michelle Smith, who also walked in Emily Muller's show in September, posed after runway in one of her own dresses, which Betsey autographed for her!

Can't wait until Betsey Johnson Day 2012!



Here are a couple of very quick photos of the outfit I wore literally ALL weekend. I absolutely love the buttery silk, the huge harem leg that literally dances like a rolling river when I walk (yes, I feel that strongly about it) and the Obi belt, that I should probably try as a headband one of these days.

Here I am trying it on for the very first time in Emily's studio in South Boston. Look at my huge grin!! And note, this was preceded with "I don't know if I'm a jumpsuit person...." Busted.

Here's a runway image from Danny Kim of Visceral Photography:

 I'm wearing literally the jumpsuit from the runway, and I'm not a size 2 model. I think it's great to find a piece of clothing so versatile and universally flattering (well, that's assuming that you readers agree that it looks good on me...but I felt great in it, so that counts for something, oui?) It's like Sisterhood of the Travelling Onesie!

The jumpsuit is available for pre-order on There are a ton of FW2011 styles that just went up, and we have some one-offs and limited edition pieces straight off the runway on our Etsy shop too.

Check it, bebes.


Styles for a Dapper Gent, Woman-Approved.

Gold-embroidered velvet slippers ($5,510) by Tom Ford, as seen on

I was recently inspired by seeing designer Christian Cota at Saks Fifth Avenue during FNO. I just loved his dapper, old-world elegance, dapper style. His style reminded me of a Cuban gentleman who opens the door for his lady friend before getting into the drivers seat of his 1959. You can see my photos of Christian, with super-duper model Doutzen Kroes, here.

In suit with borrowing from the boys, (no pun intended!) I love the gent in the photo's stilo. In particular, I love the velvet slipper shoes. For those of you that follow me on facebook, you'll know that in my Hurricane Irene Online Shopathon, I stalked several styles, and have pretty much decided that someone is going to buy me a pair of custom embroidered slipper shoes from Del Toro for my birthday (October 27th, Scorpio Power!!)

Del Toro Slipper Shoes, $365

Brooks Brothers has a nice pair too -- very distinguished looking, so much so that I almost wish my initials were "BB" so I could get a pair and rep myself rather than Brooks Brothers!
Velvet Logo Slippers, $198

Here are some other options:
Magnanni "Formal Loafers", $295,

A less expensive option from (where else) Asos -

Asos Leo Crest Slipper Shoes, $70

Stubbs and Wotton king crest slippers, $400, here 

Well, I'm sure that gives the people buying me birthday gifts a lot to think about. I'll be sure to do a few more posts before the big day (October 27th...just saying) with some more ideas.