Emerson brings Boston to NYFW

I know, I know -- BFW is still going on, so I should be writing about that, right? But I'm still not caught up on NYFW, and since Emerson, and designer Jackie Fraser-Swan, are from Boston, let's call it even.
Emerson Collection, named after Fraser-Swan's distant relative, the great thinker Ralph Waldo Emerson, was founded in 2009 and hit New York runways earlier this month for the first time, to great reviews and a promising future:

This was by far my favorite look:

Fraser-Swan didn't leave her classic Boston sensibilities behind - the show was the epitome of Minimalist - the collection was toned-down, anything but showy or ostentatious, and was presented in a way that viewers could immediately imagine incorporating the pieces into her own wardrobe. After all, Kelly Cutrone and the rest of the scowling geniuses at People's Republic had a strong hand in putting the show together. Gratuitous, shocking-for-the-sake-of-shocking displays are just not their style, oui?
Lines, geometrics, subtle color blocking, boxy silhouettes, and random intervals of bold, fuzzy purple, gave the most subtle nod to the more classic side of the 1980's, but it was done in such an innovative way that it didn't seem done-to-death like so many other 80's inspired lines. I think we can attribute that to Fraser-Swans classic Boston sensibilities - she definitely veers more towards wearable and subtle rather than flashy or ostentatious.
Oh, and the best part? I got past Cutrone's eagle eyes and sat front row! (Get ready for shameless self-smugness and a tasteless photo-shopped arrow: )

I do think some of the earlier looks could have been either left out or styled differently - so many of the pieces were truly remarkable - digitally printed futuristic dresses, intricate, loose lace details, pops of color - but right around the middle, the show slowed down with a few basics - monotone, muted cotton jersey that didn't do Emerson's talent and vision justice, in my eyes. Better a shorter show with only WOW factor pieces that a longer show filled out with basics, methinks.

Thess are looks that I didn't think really fit the whole fresh, adventurous, innovative feel of the show.

The final walk through:

All photos: My own or c/o Elle.com (it should be obvious which are which...)

So if your in town, pop in to the boutique on Newbury Street to get out of the rain and into Emerson's beautiful Spring/Summer collection, and if you're not in town, you should be, if not for Boston's history or baked beans, then definitely for the fashion!


Back Stage at Emily Muller

Last night was the culmination of three really intense weeks in my new post at Emily Muller. This might be the understatement of the century, but....SO much work, blood, sweat, and tears (literally...all three of the latter were shed!) goes into putting on a runway show!!!!

More on the show later, but here are some photos I managed to take between craziness backstage.

Hair and Makeup Tent 

 Morgan of Model Club getting zhuzhed.

The calm before the storm - the tent minutes before they started letting people in. 

The dressers getting organized, and Emily Muller, the designer, trying to keep everyone on track and making sure everything looked up to par. Note: She got her hair and makeup done and got dressed 15 min before the show.
One Hour to showtime!! Emmy, me, and Aubry, another indispensible teammate, taking literally half a second's pause to be in a picture, for posterity -- or, interchangeably, "prosperity" and "posteriors".

 Vivian, our intern, who also turns out to be somewhat of a genius.

Jacqueline, of Dynasty, and Morgan, of Model Club 

All the models lined up for the runway with Emily.

Backstage is by far the best place to be during a fashion show. I've sat front row at NYFW, I've stood in the back (also at NYFW), but being backstage at the reincarnation of Boston Fashion Week was so amazing and such a rush! It really is the nucleus of the entire show, and the energy, ambition, and chaos are palpable. I can safely say I'm addicted now.
Anyway, check out Emilymuller.com -- there are some great photos from FW2011 (SS2012 will be up soon, but there are some pieces available for pre-order!).


ps - I'm still not done posting NYFW photos!! I'm way behind, but now you kittens can see why -- I've been busy!!

In Which Tilda Swinton Winks at Me, and Other NYC Adventures

Better late than never, oui? Here are my best shots from FNO, now 12 days ago, which will go down in my own personal history as one of the best nights ever! I saw Tilda Swinton (and, as promised in the above title of this post, she winked at me, which I happened to catch on film), saw Kris Humphries, who is much better looking in person than he ever was on any E! reality show, talked to a woman who was allegedly Lamar Odom's mom (noticing a trend here?), got my photo taken with Doutzen Kroes and Elettra Rosselini Weidemann, saw Valentino on Madison Avenue, and finished the night at Missoni, where I spoke to three generations of fabulous Missoni's in Italian! Was it all a dream? These photos are the only evidence I have that it was not a fashion fantasy:

Tilda Swinton was at Saks repping for Pringle of Scotland - How genius is the raccoon sweater? Also pictured: a mini retrospective and an exhibit of classic Pringle of Scotland argyle sweaters.

Loved this fur vest from Saks -- it reminded me of my dog Portia!

Designer Christian Cota, above - digitally spraypainting the annoyingly gorgeous Doutzen Kroes. I love his classic Cuban gentleman style! 

Saks also had a little pick-up basketball game going on the Men's floor. Kris Humphries looks good in person, oui?

Downstairs at Saks, Hillary Rhodes, the face of Estee Lauder, greeted customers and fans. Liu Wen was also there.

Then, I got a photograph with Elettra Rossellini Weidemann, in Zara. She complimented my make-up! My lipstick matched her dress. We're best friends now.

Some looks from Stella McCartney upstairs at Saks.

Margherita Missoni being interviewed. 

 Rosita Missoni, who founded the company with her husband Ottavio.
Me and my mom at Missoni, mid-getting drunk and pre-making expensive purchases.
That wraps up an amazing night.
Then it was early to bed, early to rise for the 9am Emerson show the next morning!


Life is Too Short to Blend In: Falguni and Shane Peacock

This was a truly amazing show!!!! And of course, it was my last show on Friday night so my poor trusty (hereby to be referred to as un-trusty) camera had a dead battery! At a show attended by Joan Rivers! The horror!! Oh, and someone named Porcelain Black -- more on her later.

Back to the show - Think Indian Versace meets Civil War soldier meets Space Age. Exactly what Cleopatra would have worn if she were alive in 3000AD.

I cannot applaud Falguni and Shane enough -- there were so many familiar, done-to-death elements - in theory - that the designers put such a fresh spin on that it totally breathed new life into already (overly) familiar trends, like the body harness, which they designed, styled and presented in a way that was more Mehendi than S&M, and of course, a blogger trademark, the diaphanous maxi skirt, that on their runway went from tired and overplayed to an exotic, Arabian Nights staple:

The Maxi Skirt in a new light - this displays a more Seize-the-World attitude than a Oh-Who-Me? I-Just-Threw-This-On.

The Harnesses ranged from full body to assymetric to corset-like, but in a whole spectrum of colors and they were each styled to specifically compliment the dress rather than be the only focal point.

Everything was complimented with geometric shapes that somehow seemed at once angular and rounded, strong shoulders that were still delicate, sequins that were demure. And, in keeping with their name - Peacock - The use of feathers was an obvious touch. And, God knows I love a good turban.

Many of the dresses were playfully sheer:

A show stopper was this digitally printed number:

The only thing I didn't really like porcelain black closing the show - the other looks and models were stately and exotic and otherworldy, alien-like, and Porcelain Black, with her black and white frizzy hair and tattoos and too-bold makeup seemed like it was more for shock value than cohesion. It seemed like the two designers couldn't decide on a theme for the show, and one of the won, and as a concession allowed the other to add one element of their own. Know what I mean?

photos courtesy of showroomseven

Great show -- and a show is just what it was - it was at once entertaining and inspiring. It wasn't one of those shows that you can attend and emulate the next day, but it certainly made me want to embrace my inner goddess!

What do you guys think?