Madame and Monsieur

My boy and I are moving into our first place together, with no roommates (no offence roomies, if you're reading this!), and I'm getting super excited to decorate.
Naturally, of course, I get the full honors of creating the nest and mon amour has no real say except "Tres Jolie!" So as Creative Director of Home Decor, I'd like to go with a French Chateau meets His-and-Hers theme.

Here's my inspiration:
From Ballard Designs, $65 each

Edoardo Manet's portrait of his parents
Blanket from Twirls and Twigs

Midnight Courtyard Curtains, $78-108 Anthropologie

Home is where the heart is...


Bottega Louie

Via skateboard, of course, from Bottega Louie in LA. Meals on wheels indeed. La Duree better up it's marketing, oui?

Bottega Louie's Presidents Day adverts. You can't argue with history!

Nom nom nom,

Barbie Dream Suite

Can you imagine a better email correspondence than the one that follows:
(loosely paraphrased)

Starworks PR - Hey Renata, we're inviting you to preview choice pieces from the asos F/W2011 collection in a suite at the Ames Hotel in Boston. Lots of Boston Bloggers and press are invited. There will be sticky buns and fresh squeezed juices, and killer views, post-earthquake.
Me - Um, Yeah!! I'll be there.

So needless to say, I was there and it was fabulous! My first impression, just from walking in the door, was 1950s, in every sense. Yeah, there were the obligatory Mad Men-inspired numbers: Feminine sweaters in candy shades, an ultra-ladylike tweed dress, but there was the other face of the 1950's - a leather biker jacket with leopard print panels in the front that would surely get an approving nod from Fonzi, and metallic, high waisted leopard print pants that the post-makeover Sandra D. would don to win over Danny Zuko in Grease.

I "styled" this outfit - I like the way the mustard plays off of the gold, and the patterns seem to playfully mimic each other. I'd wear it. Would you?

Despite my No-Leather policy....I kinda really love this jacket. As evident by that huge smile on my face!

The world as I imagine it - a place where leather, tweed, and leopard can all live in harmony.

As I made my way through the rest of the collection, there was literally (and this is what I love about asos) something for everyone, of every taste. Futuristic plastic necklaces mingled with 70's tasseled loafers on the mantle, floppy Brigitte Bardot hats shared space with a pair of creepers (my readers may know that is my least favorite trend, ever, but for the sake of having something for everyone, I approve).

I was smitten by this satiny black bustier dress, complete with mesh side panels. Wowza. I can see Madonna wearing this to her kids PTA meeting.

 Mark my words, those red heels (they are called "Arsenic", and they'll be out next month!) will be mine!!

This shirt pretty much sums up the collection - 70's by way of 40's, tuxedo meets weekend-wear, with a pussy-bow.
And the coats! I tried on an impossibly cozy suede poncho that was like getting a hug from a polar bear. It was so thick that I couldn't hear the conversation around me when I had the hood up! Perfect for a Boston winter, I reckon.

I'll share some more little details with you in the next post. In the meantime, I'm going to sit in a chair and wait patiently for my order from to arrive - I ordered some accessories for NYFW: A harness and a floppy hat, to name a few.

happy shopping,

NYFW Here I Come, Again!

Backstage at NYFW, image courtesy of

I'm starting to get really, really excited for Mercedes Benz Fashion week coming up in September! I can't wait for Fashion's Night Out, the amazing shows, and the great street style! I am definitely looking forward to the Tadashi Shoji show on the 8th -- he's one of my favorite designers, and he designed the dress I wore to two of my three weddings (all to the same lovely man, at various international destinations).
This is my beautiful Tadashi Shoji bandage dress that I wore at my Turkish wedding. Here I am with a bellydancer on the yacht ride up the Bosphorus. She gave me a run for my money!

Aside from that, I'll be stopping by Saks 5th Avenue for FNO - there will be some great events and designer sightings, and I'll also do all that's in my power to make another Lagerfeld sighting happen, like last year! I also played Bingo with Chrisopher Benz, Karolina Kurkova (who kept rooting for me to win, by the way. No big deal.) and Jessica Szohr, who is 1000 times more beautiful in person than she is on Gossip Girl. I spotted Dakota Fanning at Gucci later in the evening.

Yes, I was thisclose to Unkle Karl!!
I will also stop by the Amare Sinh showroom to check out some of his latest pieces. Designer Huy, his  sister Huyen, and their youngest sister Sandy founded the company in my native Philadelphia, with an outpost in NYC and Shanghai. When I first saw one of Huy's pieces in a magazine, I was floored and immediately contacted him. I've been in touch with his PR group for a while now, and I'm happy to finally be able to see his collection en vive!

Amare Sinh (faux!) fur coat and trousers, images courtesy of

Then maybe a cooling-off period in the Hamptons? I would love to get some more ocean-side time in before the harsh winter sets in in Boston and I forget what the warmth of the sun and the enticing sting of salty air is like!

Clubgoers at SL East in the Hamptons, via

Thats what's in my horizon so far for September, but new events, people, places and things are being added constantly. I'll certainly keep you all updated and I hope to meet some of you (and see what you are wearing!) in NYC during the many fashionista/blogger events throughout town.


In Love

In honor of my one year anniversary, and the wedding of my lovely friend Nicole this weekend, I dedicate this post to...L.O.V.E! Can't live with it, can't live without it.

Here is me and my honey:

Love someone, love yourself, and love my blog on Bloglovin or Google Friend Connect! (Love shameless plugs?)


Urban Nomads

My bestie Kaj is in town this week, and since I still don't have a job (help me, Fashion Gods!), I had plenty of time to walk around town with her, take in the sights, pursue the most idle of follies, and eat to our hearts delight.

Our first stop was the waterfront, where we laughed at children playing in fountains, while wishfully musing that if we hadn't just straightened our hair we would follow suit.

Im wearing:
A vintage skirt and denim shirt (screenprinted in a high school art class years ago)
Antique glass necklace
Maj tank top (yes I'm a repeat offender, but this thing is SO cozy!)
Mango fringe shoulder bag
Aldo and Apricot Lane bracelets
Nine West sandals

Next stop was a trudge through the rain to the North End (Boston's answer to NYC's Little Italy) for Spaghetti Alle Cozze at Fiore's:

Then a stroll down Hanover Street to gawk at church statues:

And an much needed stop at Mikes Pastries for Cannoli:

As former co-Presidents and Founders of the C-Club in 2nd Grade (that's highly sophisticated, encrypted code for "Candy Club") we are not ones to reject the importance of sweets, so we decided after Mikes, it would only be wise to stop at the Omni Park Hotel, the birthplace of the Boston Cream Pie, for a taste of the original recipe:

And an apres-diner walk past King Chapel Burial ground for some crezy grave-art:

Not having a job is really eye-opening, oui?

(fashion blogger/afficionado for hire)