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These photos beg the questions - Who are you and What are you looking at?

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Spring Showers

Yesterday was one of the first nice days, complete with green buds on trees and the scent of flowers in the air. The perfect day to take a shower then sit outside with wet hair and watch the morning go by.

I used this new shampoo I got at the Accessories Council Top Picks event in NYC a couple weeks ago. Its the Daily Cleansing Cream by Hair Rules -- It's a no-suds moisturizing shampoo for dry hair, and smells like fresh gardenias. I used it as a shampoo and conditioner in one, because it was really thick and velvety (it has honey in it for an extra one-two punch of moisturizing) - in actuality it was more like a conditioner than anything else. When I blow dried my hair, it felt super soft and had a lot of texture -- I felt like I had rich-person's hair for a couple days! (at $32 a bottle, this shampoo isn't for bargainistas, but as you may have guessed, it's well worth the price)

I would suggest trying this out, just make sure you rinse thoroughly. Since there are no bubbles, it's hard to tell when you've gotten it all out, and if too much stays in your hair it will become heavy and impossible to style. Other than that, I'm satisfied!

After shampooing, I exfoliated with a yummy smelling Lemon scrub from The Body Shop. There is enough oil in the scrub to not have to moisturize afterwards, which eliminates a step and that's great! I do use Body Shop Grapefruit Body Butter on my hands and feet for the complete citrus effect though.

Again, perfect for a spring morning outside with the dog!

Here's the final result of the shampoo. I love how piecey it turned out, in a rock-and-rolla kind of way.


All Hail McQueen

Is it weird that I would literally wear this...? Its probably pretty cooling in the summer, and its a workout you can wear. Its like s fit-flop, for your entire upper body. By who else? McQueen.


White Hot Inspiration

photo source :garance dore

Who would have thought of a denim shirt under a white suit? I love it! I'll be sure to give it a go at some point this spring. I love how at first glance it looks very pulled together and Strictly Business, but the denim and the chucks is like a tiny little middle finger to propriety.


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Perfect for my Spring Garden

I will plant these and nurture them until they grow into:

Nom nom nom. Ah, bikini season, how eagerly I await you.

Images via ffffound and


From the Runways of Philadelphia - PIFA Fashion Event

1.) A look from Art Institute student Asia Keomannanh
2. and 3) A digitally printed look from Drexel Fashion Design student Kristi Eissler. This primitive,post-apocalyptic headpiece was a show-stealer and warranted lots of gasps from the audience.
4.) Another Drexel student, Sarah Mindel. Loved the 50's glamour of the silhouette, that was highlighted by the plunging V necklines. I also liked that a strong-shoulder effect was created by something as whimsically ethereal as feathers.
5.) Moore College of Art Design student Katherine Perez' evening gown. Great texture and aggressively placed and pop of black of that huge bow in the front
6. and 7.) Pieces from students of University of Delaware.
8. and 9.) Nino Brand by Bela Shehu - She showed a lot of dark, moody colors and shapes - a lot of body-hiding capes and overcoats, but the materials were drapey enough to elude to some kind of femininity and sensuality.
10.) and 11.) 50's inspired, totally feminine pieces by Katie Ermilio. She showed a lot of the "primary colors" of the runway - White, black, red, electric blue and pink. Her pieces were equally simple in design - lots of A-line and empire waists with full circle skirts, but the rich materials really lent a sense of luxury to the clothing.
12., 13. and 14.) Melanie Von Alexandra - all about movement and shape. LOVE that white restricting cape with that pouf of feathers breaking out of the bottom, and the hair styling is right on point, in a wild child, almost derranged way.

Again, very impressed with out local designers. Usually, fashion here in Philadelphia is very homespun, but the pieces here were very well curated, well designed, current, and well made. Way to go, Philly, try to keep this up.



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