Summer Lovin'

Summer can't come soon enough. I hope I get to travel this summer.

Il Buco restaurant in Athens, Greece

 Juices from the Six Senses Sanctuary in Phuket

Citrus and manoes at Eataly in NYC

Oh yeah, and what I'm not looking forward to? Getting into Summer-shape....

Vintage inspired bikini from jemma jube

Ludivigne S from Swimming Pool

Here's to hoping it doesn't snow on the East Coast tomorrow as they are predicting! 


Wednesdays at the Oak Room

Every Wednesday at the Plaza Hotel, Brian Newman and his band of merry men play at the Oak Room. I stumbled in there quite by accident and didn't expect live music, let alone great live music. In fact, the hostess (who was like 7 feet tall, pin-thin and surely graces the catwalks biannually when she's not hostessing) brought us to a table waaaayyyy in the back and I got really offended and made her move us to a cushier table in the front. Little did I realize, our original spot was the perfect perch to watch the band, front row. Oops! Its ok, because we had some talking to do, and from where I sat (you may call it a Vantage Point) I got some amazing (in my opinion) photographs. I hope I caught the opulence, the certain je ne sais quoi, of the Oak Room and the playfullness of the Brian Newman Band. (Trivia - he's good friends with Lady Gaga and she did a surprise performance there last September!)


Sidenote - as I was reading this Vogue and listening to the Brian Newman Trio, I had no idea the two were connected. I guess in NYC, it's a small world afterall...

Ace Hotel NYC

Stopped by the Ace Hotel for some drink pre-Vogue party. It's a great space, and the lobby is like the Thinking Man's Starbucks - So many scenesters with Mac laptops and plaid shirts and perfect bedhead sat at the rustic oak tables or worn velvet couches sipping cocktails or coffee. I loved the fresh flowers for sale in the lobby, the stairwells plastered with black and white news clips and bills. It was perfectly dark, chic, and alive. Definitely one of  my favorite NYC hotels to camp out in.

Dress BCBG, Harness made by Scorpion Disco. Wedges: Report, Watch Toywatch, Bag Furla

 My mom and Partner in Crime for the evening!


Furla Candy Bags, Real Candy, and Champagne, Amen

Last night was the Vogue/Furla party at the latter's Madison Ave store. It was jam packed with PVC loving fashionistas, and the candy flavored drinks were flowing. What a wonderful time!! I can now say I rubbed elbows with Jessica Stam (literally, it was crowded in there).

Jacket: random leather shop in Sicily
Dress: BCBG
Silver Harness: Made by me, I'll have more for sale soon

 Jessica Stam

Alison - We loved her structural yet effortless Milly dress, and the geek-chic glasses. One of my fashion winners of the night.

 My very own tried and true Candy Bag. Notice the bottle of Advil. Need I say more?

Great to see that Furla as totally rejuventated their entire concept. Furla is typically known for very classic, timeless styles with straight edges and sharp corners in black and neutrals, but they have gone a much younger route for their SS2011 collection, and I think that it's really a great turn of events for Furla. Almost everyone in the store last night was under 30, and they are clearly targetting a younger market, which I think is wise because they make quality, luxury bags at a slightly lower price point that it turns out people like me and you can afford! (the Candy bag is $195)

What do you guys think?


Saturday Morning Coffee, Beignets and Vogue

What a perfect Saturday morning - I woke up super-early, got a cappuccino and beignet to bring home, got yesterday's mail that was forgotten when I got home at 2am, and had a nice little breakfast before going back to sleep! And what makes capuccino and pastries taste even better? An invite to a Vogue/Furla party this week! Rumor has it that Anna herself will be there. Can't wait to share photos with you.

And tonight - birthday party at Tres Jalapenos, a cute Mexican BYOB. Happy birthday Kat, and Happy Saturday fashionistas!


Hair and Beauty Ideas

Everyone should re-vamp their beauty routine for Spring. Here are some ideas:




Fish Tail

A How-To from Cupcakes and Cashmere
Loose Waves:

Up Do:

Short Cut

Faux Hawk:



Bold Color:

Eye Lashes:
Shu Umera


Smokey Eye:
all photos courtesy of unless otherwuse noted.

Hope that gives you a lot to chew on.