Peep these Peepers, People.

 A couple weeks ago I went to the Warby Parker NYC headquarters to check out their newest collection of vintage-inspired eye wear.

I think the showroom has a tranformative effect - Even this gent, who I think was waiting for a friend to try on some frames, is modern-vintage looking.

 The Monroe - how about it Monroe Steele?

 The Winston

The small space is about 2/3 office and the rest was a neat little eye glass emporium. The walls are lined with shelves of eyeglasses, old books, retro flowers, and the rustic furniture topped off with vintage knick-knacks like an old typewriter. Several shoppers were trying on frames, and huge Mac desktops stood ready for orders to be placed online. (No frames are sold out of the showroom, all the shopping is done online)

The Monacle : Aptly named "The Colonel" and aptly priced at about half of what glasses cost - $50.

It was the perfect eyeglass shopping experience because it was (small) part store, part office, part modern vintage living room. No fluorescent lights, no pushy sales people. Unpretentiously minimalistic. And best part? No huge price tag. Almost all the Warby Parker frames are $95, including prescription lenses and shipping. And, as if that wasn't great enough, you can try on 5 pairs at home (for free) and they donate a pair to a person in need with each pair sold. Dude. Seriously? I just can't get over how satisfied I am with the glasses and the whole experience, from the website to the showroom.

Here are a few of my favorites:

The Colton in Tangerine

The Pierce

The Huxley - a Hipster favorite (Sidebar: Je ne suis pas un hipster, but I do like to think of myself as ironical)

I ended up ordering the Zagg frame, one of their classics, in dark tortoise. It came to my house a few days later, and I absolutely love them! I will never go back to paying $300+ for totally unoriginal frames again.

Check out Warby Parker online ( or visit them at their NY showroom on 13 E 16th St, 6th Floor.

The Woods Are Lovely, Dark and Deep

Got a new faux fur coat from F21 the other day, and I love it! I was actually looking for a chunky fur vest after seeing so many impossibly stylish broads at NYFW sporting them over turtle-neck sweaters and layers upon layers of knits, and could only find coats. Then, my little 11 year old cousin flatly suggested just cutting off the sleeves. I think that may work...but I love the way the coat looks so I'm not sure I want to do that just yet! Maybe I can return it...I'll be like "Uh, yeah I bought this coat last weekend and the sleeves fell off." The idea HAS occured to me, however, to just buy another one and go Frankenstein on it, so I can have two versions of the same coat. What do you guys think?


ps - As much as I look forward to wearing this coat, I can't wait for spring!!

Up and ADAM

Here are some photos from the ADAM show last weekend. It was a great show -- lots of toned-down Fall colors and more somber prints than the brights and florals we have to look forward to for this coming SS2011 season, but all were anything but ordinary and totally covetable - leafy prints, dreamy feathers, and chunky, cozy knitted pieces that were a nod to the Mad Men secretary in all of us.

If I may just say this - Adam Lippes, if you are out there, PLEASE feed your models or use more realistic, HEALTHY models! There were veritable skeletons walking the was so distracting! I turned to my friend during the show and said, and I quote, "omigod, that girl is going to die." Unattractive and totally 90's man! Come on. Love you though.

 Outside the show, Day 2

Bloggers Lounge. I'm not that technology-addicted, but I kinda wish I was! What a great idea!!

 Front row - Hanneli and Julia Restoin Roitfeld!

Here's a video from the show:

Here's Hanneli Mustaparta when I accidentally took a video instead of a photo and was too embarrassed to admit it so I enthusiastically said "Thank you!!!" and walked away! Cool, right?

On the walk back to Chez Lexi - such a cute street in Greenwich Village!

Burn Baby, Burn

Finally got my mitts on that Jelly bag from Furla I have been stalking. I went in last Friday to preview the collection, and "try on" a couple. Which do you think is better? I ordered the pink one, but part of me still longs for the clear one...! Apparently, Anna Wintour has all 6 colors, so if I had two, I'd be 1/3 of the way to being Anna. Makes sense.

They also had these very patriotic totes with different country flags. I would need a few, since like most modern American women, I'm a delightful mix of several nationalities. Once again, a reason to buy more than one bag. Notice a pattern? I'd be a pretty good drug dealer, if I wanted. I'd rather be a bag lady though.

Speaking of bags, check out the contents of mine after just Day 2 of NYFW. Pretty scary/chic.

And lastly, I'd like to unveil my dad's Leica camera that I inherited by way of Clause 1 of the Rule of Finder's Keepers, paragraph 2a. Film!! How truly retro! Can't wait to tackle learning to use it. (Thanks, dad - one of the original Scorpion Disco-ers <3 )


PS - Follow Scorpion Disco on Bloglovin'!!

The Streets Are Paved in Gold - NYFW Street Style Faves

Here are some of my favorite photos from the NYFW street style shots I took over the weekend. There was so many amazing (and sometimes just ridiculous) people, outfits, styles, hats, hair colors to see, it was quite overwhelming!!

A lot of people were definitely dressing for attention, and there were tons of wannabe fashionistas that were standing around inside and outside the shows posing and trying to get photographed, and then acting surprised and even annoyed (like in a "omigod-I'm-so-sick-of-all-this-attention" way) when some bored blogger who was waiting for a Vogue editor or something would stroll over and ask for a photo to pass the time. Basically, there were a lot of people who used the "outrageous" move - like two old ladies dressed like 12 year old girls/Liza Minelli, or people who just layered on every piece in their wardrobe, men in skirts, etc.

Once you weeded out the phonies though, there was certainly plenty to see and photograph, and a constant flow of the most inspiring dressers this side of 5th Ave.

Hanneli Mustaparta post- ADAM show. I actually asked her at the show if I could take a picture and then accidentally took a 3 second video!! I was too embarrassed to ask again, so I will post the little video later. How cool is she though?


The Men of NYFW Street Style

Here are some of the stylish men at NYFW.

 He's an awesome, very dedicated blogger from Indonesia - check out his blog Luthfimentary

Robert Verdi! He drew quite a crowd.
Dapper Gents in purple socks. Nothing wrong with that!

This dude was probably that stoner dude in high school. I love his rugged look!!!

Mike Wallace, President of ADAM, before the ADAM show.

Johan Lindeberg, a Swedish fashion Designer.

These are the hunks that stood out the most!



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