Jessica Simpson Shoes

Just got these Dany platforms from...Jessica Simpson. Look, I don't mind her, but I tend to put her shoes/clothing/luggage in the same category as I would say, Mariah Carey's perfume. That said, I've been seeing a ton of bloggers I love, like Sarah from Pandora's Box, wearing these dangerously bold, borderline Stripper-chic platforms, and I wanted them too! I chose to order them in tan, because I have a closet full of black shoes, and I'm glad I did! These will easily take me from Spring through Summer and into Fall. I'm not sold on them for Winter, but with the right tights, it's a possibility. Check them out:

Unfortunately, they are leather, and I really vowed not to buy leather or other animal products anymore. Argh. Sorry, cute animals...! I'll be better in the future. But still -- can't wait to wear them!


NYC Photo Diary

I went to NYC last weekend with a couple friends and fellow bloggers to work on an exciting project -- more on that later. Here are some random shots from the hours we spent walking around in our free time!

Turban: Asos
Coat: Gap
Tote: Longchamps (a gift from Esther, my effortlessly chic and gorgeous Parisian amie!)

The first few photos were taken in Sabon, an adorable boutique that sells all natural soaps, lotions, scrubs, and all things cleansing/smoothing/buffing. I love the fact that they have a giant communal sink right in the front of the store where a Sabon greeter walks you through the process of cleansing, scrubing, and moisturizing. We were stroking our hands all day -- it was truly amazing!
  The giant teapot is from Cyrus Company, an Italian design company.


Photos credits: Renata of Scorpion Disco and the lovely Kajal Alemo of Alemo, Duey, Cheatum and Howe.

A Nice Day for a White Wedding

Claudia Schiffer modeling an YSL dress with the designer himself. (Recognize the French First Lady next to her?)


Airbrushing 101 - Alessandra Ambrosio Edition

Now, I don't want to take this out on Alessandra Ambrosio (it's more against airbrushing than against her near-godly body), but she seems to have no problem making me feel like shit so here goes:

Airbrushing. Look, she has an amazing physique, but she's not flawless. She has some lumps and bumps and less-that-perfectly-flat tummy (gasp!) -- things that make all of us human (granted, not as much as most humans have...!)

Look at candid paparazzi shots of her vs: airbrushed Victoria's Secret images from their catalog.

As Kaity Stardust of one of my favorite blogs, Jewelry Dose Daily pointed out, she looks amazing in all the photos, airbrushed or not, which is true - I'm not saying she isn't a goddess of physical beauty, but she's human, and naturally looks like a human, where as in the catalogs shes perfectly smooth and flat and toned, which no one, not even a Brazilian supermodel or any of the other most beautiful women in the world, can be in real life! We can't all have airbrushers perfecting our photos, so we should be happy to look the way we look.


Candy Bag

Just got on the wait-list for one of these:

I;m constantly looking for an eye-catching (yet practical), animal friendly bag, so these PVC numbers from Furla ($195 each) are perfect! I'm thinking pink, what do you guys say? It'll match with my pink toy watch, but I could also end up looking like a whack Barbie. Or, a Harjuku Barbie, which I actually wouldn't mind.


Photos from swa-rai  and deamademoiselle


An ode to my favorite color, in all its shades.

Well, by this point, I can safely say I repelled every straight guy that may have stumbled upon my blog.

Ta-Ta for now,

photos via tumblr, dressdesigndecor, and thisisglamorous