Holiday Shimmer

A couple weeks ago, I got the perfect invite - A make-up sesh with Chase Astyn, the brains behind 15 years worth of The Body Shop's make-up collections, on a Friday, after work but before my plans to shop and have drinks with a friend. What could be more perfectly timed??

I really loved this super-sheer lipstick (Colourglide Lipstick in Soft Peony) Chase used on my lips. It's the lightest, sweetest shade of lilac, and just politely hints at color - it's basically the creaminess of a lipstick but the sheerness of a tinted balm - but a lot less messy to use.

As a bonafide girly-girl, I. Died when I saw a little bottle of pale pink shimmering powder that gets spritzed in a graceful princess-worthy puff. It works on face and hair, and just gives a subtle shine -- nothing the Jersey Shore girls would be interested in, but just fine for me!

Photos courtesy of The Body Shop and Bratskeir Co.

Another favorite product was the Extra Virgin Mineral Cream foundation, which was literally (and I know the term is over-used but you gotta believe me!) weightless. He finished off my lips with a hit of Hi-Shine Lip Treatment in pink, and BAM. Ready for a night out.

I know everyone out there has at least one product from the Body Shop. I have pretty much the entire collection, from head to toe. I love everything - the packaging, the sweet scents, the simplicity - it's all so unfussy and easy to use, affordable but not cheap, natural, plus, and most importantly, The Body Shop gives back! They never test on animals, and they donate to several really important causes, like women's rights. What, pray tell, is not to love?

Now get out there and get yourself a Holiday gift. A girls gotta shimmer every now and then, oui?



  1. Gorgeous girl- don't you just LOVE when someone does your make up? It's almost as good as getting my hair done.

  2. Hey there! amazing blog, i'm following you now!!!
    Kisses from

  3. Your makeup looks great!

    It was so nice meeting you at the Boston Blogger party last night!

  4. that "head shot" is beautiful!! The makeup, the hair - you look gorgeous. So not teacher :)

  5. This look is so beautiful and classic, what an awesome opportunity this must have been!

    Anyway, it was so wonderful meeting you last night! Lets please keep in knowing that there are so many amazing Boston bloggers out there!

  6. Your blog... I love everything about your blog- seriously, so beautiful!!
    You got yourself a new follower :))


  7. I am definitely going to be trying out that spray! I'm always indulging my princess side :)



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