Smoke and Sparkle Preview

Make-up : Chase Aston for The Body Shop
Dress: HM
Belt: Vintage 

The Body Shop is my go-to for everything beauty-related. From feet to body to make-up, my routine is pretty much dominated by The Body Shop. I tend to find their products just so easy, non-fussy, great smelling, cutely packaged, and affordable but not cheap or tacky. They support amazing causes like women's rights and animal rights (kind of funny that those two categories - women and animals - are in the same sentence...hmm, but that's for another post).

The new Holiday 2011 make-up collection was just released this week, and I got a chance to have Chase Aston, the man behind 15 years worth of Body Shop make-up and some seriously beautiful red-carpet looks (inside dish - Cameron Diaz is a favorite client of his!) walk me through the products and do my make-up. And, he got me to appreciate silver eye shadow - As a dark-haired, Mediterranean-blooded gal, I thought I couldn't wear cool colors and I always stuck to golds and browns, but Chase got me to branch out, and the 4 Step Smokey Eye Palette is the way to start. It's even got a step-by-step, illustrated instructional on the back. Perfect!!

My favorite is The Sparkler, a light-weight, subtle, grown-up shimmer powder for face and hair that  you mist on with a vintage-inspired poof. (There's got to be a technical word for it...but check out the above photo, in the top left corner. See what I mean?)

More photos and product reviews to come very soon, but I just wanted to share a couple quick photos. In the meantime, check out the Body Shop and start planning your Holiday looks!



  1. How fun; great post! I love that dress, and I have it too hehee - such a steal, wasn't it?!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Great photos - love your dress - can't wait to see your product reviews!


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