Here are a couple of very quick photos of the outfit I wore literally ALL weekend. I absolutely love the buttery silk, the huge harem leg that literally dances like a rolling river when I walk (yes, I feel that strongly about it) and the Obi belt, that I should probably try as a headband one of these days.

Here I am trying it on for the very first time in Emily's studio in South Boston. Look at my huge grin!! And note, this was preceded with "I don't know if I'm a jumpsuit person...." Busted.

Here's a runway image from Danny Kim of Visceral Photography:

 I'm wearing literally the jumpsuit from the runway, and I'm not a size 2 model. I think it's great to find a piece of clothing so versatile and universally flattering (well, that's assuming that you readers agree that it looks good on me...but I felt great in it, so that counts for something, oui?) It's like Sisterhood of the Travelling Onesie!

The jumpsuit is available for pre-order on www.emilymuller.com. There are a ton of FW2011 styles that just went up, and we have some one-offs and limited edition pieces straight off the runway on our Etsy shop too.

Check it, bebes.



  1. Love it. I really enjoyed her show and hope to pick up a piece or two. Jumpsuits are so easy; I love them!

  2. I feel the same way, I'm not a jumpsuit person. I do think they're awesome but have never tried. Look at you in this one from the runway!

  3. You.Look.Stunning! Everything about this outfit is spot-on. I don't know if my tiny little height could pull off a jumpsuit, but you, my dear, certainly did.

  4. You look like a very elegant princess jasmine- in the best possible way! I love it. I'm not a jumpsuit person either but maybe I'll be brave and take the plunge in the spring!
    see you tomorrow!!

  5. First and DO NOT let it be your last, the jumpsuit is INCREDIBLE and INCREDIBLE on you...love the rich color..and the fit is amazing.
    Well done girl

  6. So glad to finally see some of her items for sale! And I love them all! Keep us posted when more of the Spring line makes its way online, can't wait to see more (and pick some up).

  7. You're so beautiful and this blue romper is gorgeous!




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