Do you Die

for this Vivienne Westwood coat - nay, cloak of the Gods? I found this at Riccardi on Newbury Street here in Boston, when instead of eating on my lunch break I decided to hunt for the perfect non-blah coat. And find it, I did. Feast your eyes, my crumpets -

$1250 at Riccardi
Love the wallpaper-at-a-carnival print, the old-timer trench-coat panel in the back, the unusual collar, and that certain je ne sais quoi cheekiness that every Westwood piece reeks of. I want it! 

And PS - Today is my birthday!! The big Two-Six. I'm past a quarter century now, and past the point of no return! 25 was a really amazing year, and I know it will get better from here! Thanks for being impossibly awesome followers, even though most of you are related to me or indebted to me in some way that warrants me forcing you to check my blog every so often! And Happy Birthday to me and all the other Scorpion sisters, brothers, and fashion gods out there!



  1. Wallpaper-at-a-carnival indeed, but in SUCH a good way!! Nothing beats a trench, especially when you throw stripes into the mix :D

  2. OMG yes i do die for this...Love the colours and the line in general....

  3. That is such a unique trench!


  4. Happy birthday to you - I hope you treated yourself to this beautiful present! Seriously.

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday friend and can't wait to see you next week!



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