Life is Too Short to Blend In: Falguni and Shane Peacock

This was a truly amazing show!!!! And of course, it was my last show on Friday night so my poor trusty (hereby to be referred to as un-trusty) camera had a dead battery! At a show attended by Joan Rivers! The horror!! Oh, and someone named Porcelain Black -- more on her later.

Back to the show - Think Indian Versace meets Civil War soldier meets Space Age. Exactly what Cleopatra would have worn if she were alive in 3000AD.

I cannot applaud Falguni and Shane enough -- there were so many familiar, done-to-death elements - in theory - that the designers put such a fresh spin on that it totally breathed new life into already (overly) familiar trends, like the body harness, which they designed, styled and presented in a way that was more Mehendi than S&M, and of course, a blogger trademark, the diaphanous maxi skirt, that on their runway went from tired and overplayed to an exotic, Arabian Nights staple:

The Maxi Skirt in a new light - this displays a more Seize-the-World attitude than a Oh-Who-Me? I-Just-Threw-This-On.

The Harnesses ranged from full body to assymetric to corset-like, but in a whole spectrum of colors and they were each styled to specifically compliment the dress rather than be the only focal point.

Everything was complimented with geometric shapes that somehow seemed at once angular and rounded, strong shoulders that were still delicate, sequins that were demure. And, in keeping with their name - Peacock - The use of feathers was an obvious touch. And, God knows I love a good turban.

Many of the dresses were playfully sheer:

A show stopper was this digitally printed number:

The only thing I didn't really like porcelain black closing the show - the other looks and models were stately and exotic and otherworldy, alien-like, and Porcelain Black, with her black and white frizzy hair and tattoos and too-bold makeup seemed like it was more for shock value than cohesion. It seemed like the two designers couldn't decide on a theme for the show, and one of the won, and as a concession allowed the other to add one element of their own. Know what I mean?

photos courtesy of showroomseven

Great show -- and a show is just what it was - it was at once entertaining and inspiring. It wasn't one of those shows that you can attend and emulate the next day, but it certainly made me want to embrace my inner goddess!

What do you guys think?



  1. Amazing exhibition!

    Théa Unknown

  2. Wowsa, this is amazing. I can see why you were so excited for the show! I wasn't familiar with the designers but randomly saw some fashion police show with Joan Rivers where she did some interviews from the show. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. And totally unforgettable.

  3. i really love your blog and the clothes on this post♥ Alaina beautiful as always ^.

  4. Huummm defo African Inspiration >.<


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