In Which Tilda Swinton Winks at Me, and Other NYC Adventures

Better late than never, oui? Here are my best shots from FNO, now 12 days ago, which will go down in my own personal history as one of the best nights ever! I saw Tilda Swinton (and, as promised in the above title of this post, she winked at me, which I happened to catch on film), saw Kris Humphries, who is much better looking in person than he ever was on any E! reality show, talked to a woman who was allegedly Lamar Odom's mom (noticing a trend here?), got my photo taken with Doutzen Kroes and Elettra Rosselini Weidemann, saw Valentino on Madison Avenue, and finished the night at Missoni, where I spoke to three generations of fabulous Missoni's in Italian! Was it all a dream? These photos are the only evidence I have that it was not a fashion fantasy:

Tilda Swinton was at Saks repping for Pringle of Scotland - How genius is the raccoon sweater? Also pictured: a mini retrospective and an exhibit of classic Pringle of Scotland argyle sweaters.

Loved this fur vest from Saks -- it reminded me of my dog Portia!

Designer Christian Cota, above - digitally spraypainting the annoyingly gorgeous Doutzen Kroes. I love his classic Cuban gentleman style! 

Saks also had a little pick-up basketball game going on the Men's floor. Kris Humphries looks good in person, oui?

Downstairs at Saks, Hillary Rhodes, the face of Estee Lauder, greeted customers and fans. Liu Wen was also there.

Then, I got a photograph with Elettra Rossellini Weidemann, in Zara. She complimented my make-up! My lipstick matched her dress. We're best friends now.

Some looks from Stella McCartney upstairs at Saks.

Margherita Missoni being interviewed. 

 Rosita Missoni, who founded the company with her husband Ottavio.
Me and my mom at Missoni, mid-getting drunk and pre-making expensive purchases.
That wraps up an amazing night.
Then it was early to bed, early to rise for the 9am Emerson show the next morning!



  1. It looks like you had soo much fun. That's such a cute pic of Tilda winking at you lol.

  2. TILDA!!!!!!! That is the greatest photo I have seen on any blog coverage of NYFW. Incredible.

  3. uuuuhhhh nice so many celebrities :D

  4. thanks for sharing these great pics! must be amazing to see all these fashionables close up and in person!! love your outfit!



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