Emerson brings Boston to NYFW

I know, I know -- BFW is still going on, so I should be writing about that, right? But I'm still not caught up on NYFW, and since Emerson, and designer Jackie Fraser-Swan, are from Boston, let's call it even.
Emerson Collection, named after Fraser-Swan's distant relative, the great thinker Ralph Waldo Emerson, was founded in 2009 and hit New York runways earlier this month for the first time, to great reviews and a promising future:

This was by far my favorite look:

Fraser-Swan didn't leave her classic Boston sensibilities behind - the show was the epitome of Minimalist - the collection was toned-down, anything but showy or ostentatious, and was presented in a way that viewers could immediately imagine incorporating the pieces into her own wardrobe. After all, Kelly Cutrone and the rest of the scowling geniuses at People's Republic had a strong hand in putting the show together. Gratuitous, shocking-for-the-sake-of-shocking displays are just not their style, oui?
Lines, geometrics, subtle color blocking, boxy silhouettes, and random intervals of bold, fuzzy purple, gave the most subtle nod to the more classic side of the 1980's, but it was done in such an innovative way that it didn't seem done-to-death like so many other 80's inspired lines. I think we can attribute that to Fraser-Swans classic Boston sensibilities - she definitely veers more towards wearable and subtle rather than flashy or ostentatious.
Oh, and the best part? I got past Cutrone's eagle eyes and sat front row! (Get ready for shameless self-smugness and a tasteless photo-shopped arrow: )

I do think some of the earlier looks could have been either left out or styled differently - so many of the pieces were truly remarkable - digitally printed futuristic dresses, intricate, loose lace details, pops of color - but right around the middle, the show slowed down with a few basics - monotone, muted cotton jersey that didn't do Emerson's talent and vision justice, in my eyes. Better a shorter show with only WOW factor pieces that a longer show filled out with basics, methinks.

Thess are looks that I didn't think really fit the whole fresh, adventurous, innovative feel of the show.

The final walk through:

All photos: My own or c/o Elle.com (it should be obvious which are which...)

So if your in town, pop in to the boutique on Newbury Street to get out of the rain and into Emerson's beautiful Spring/Summer collection, and if you're not in town, you should be, if not for Boston's history or baked beans, then definitely for the fashion!



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    Kori xoxo

  2. Wow!!!
    las fotos son preciosas, me encanta, que envidia...
    te mando mil besos...

  3. Amazing collection, I love all the pieces, it’s hard to decide witch is my favorite, but I think that the third look is my favorite and the models are perfect for this collection, also the whole styling is spot on. You have a lovely blog and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  4. I love this collection AND the boutique on Newbury St! I'm so jealous of your front row seat! I found that other than the front or second row its almost better to be standing at the shows to really get a good view!


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