Back Stage at Emily Muller

Last night was the culmination of three really intense weeks in my new post at Emily Muller. This might be the understatement of the century, but....SO much work, blood, sweat, and tears (literally...all three of the latter were shed!) goes into putting on a runway show!!!!

More on the show later, but here are some photos I managed to take between craziness backstage.

Hair and Makeup Tent 

 Morgan of Model Club getting zhuzhed.

The calm before the storm - the tent minutes before they started letting people in. 

The dressers getting organized, and Emily Muller, the designer, trying to keep everyone on track and making sure everything looked up to par. Note: She got her hair and makeup done and got dressed 15 min before the show.
One Hour to showtime!! Emmy, me, and Aubry, another indispensible teammate, taking literally half a second's pause to be in a picture, for posterity -- or, interchangeably, "prosperity" and "posteriors".

 Vivian, our intern, who also turns out to be somewhat of a genius.

Jacqueline, of Dynasty, and Morgan, of Model Club 

All the models lined up for the runway with Emily.

Backstage is by far the best place to be during a fashion show. I've sat front row at NYFW, I've stood in the back (also at NYFW), but being backstage at the reincarnation of Boston Fashion Week was so amazing and such a rush! It really is the nucleus of the entire show, and the energy, ambition, and chaos are palpable. I can safely say I'm addicted now.
Anyway, check out -- there are some great photos from FW2011 (SS2012 will be up soon, but there are some pieces available for pre-order!).


ps - I'm still not done posting NYFW photos!! I'm way behind, but now you kittens can see why -- I've been busy!!


  1. I wasn't at the show, but wow, does it look amazing; love the backstage chaos - great pics. I was at Lily & Migs last night - with coverage coming soon! :)

  2. Such an amazing collection and show! Congratulations to all you girls for putting it together! I can only imagine the chaos backstage, especially since this kicked off the week, but it flowed seamlessly from the audience perspective.

  3. Still kicking myself for missing this. You all look so gorgeous, it must have been so worthwhile to finally see all your effort pay off in the end. I want to hear all the details next time I see you!

  4. Thank you so much for having me there! It was AMAZING! You guys really put together an incredible show and it was all so gorgeous! I'm so proud of you & also want all of the details!!!


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