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My bestie Kaj is in town this week, and since I still don't have a job (help me, Fashion Gods!), I had plenty of time to walk around town with her, take in the sights, pursue the most idle of follies, and eat to our hearts delight.

Our first stop was the waterfront, where we laughed at children playing in fountains, while wishfully musing that if we hadn't just straightened our hair we would follow suit.

Im wearing:
A vintage skirt and denim shirt (screenprinted in a high school art class years ago)
Antique glass necklace
Maj tank top (yes I'm a repeat offender, but this thing is SO cozy!)
Mango fringe shoulder bag
Aldo and Apricot Lane bracelets
Nine West sandals

Next stop was a trudge through the rain to the North End (Boston's answer to NYC's Little Italy) for Spaghetti Alle Cozze at Fiore's:

Then a stroll down Hanover Street to gawk at church statues:

And an much needed stop at Mikes Pastries for Cannoli:

As former co-Presidents and Founders of the C-Club in 2nd Grade (that's highly sophisticated, encrypted code for "Candy Club") we are not ones to reject the importance of sweets, so we decided after Mikes, it would only be wise to stop at the Omni Park Hotel, the birthplace of the Boston Cream Pie, for a taste of the original recipe:

And an apres-diner walk past King Chapel Burial ground for some crezy grave-art:

Not having a job is really eye-opening, oui?

(fashion blogger/afficionado for hire)



  1. You look amazing in the first pic my dear!!!

  2. Fiore's, pastry and that AWESOME screen printed shirt. I love that you self-screened. Totally unique! And think positively - a job will come. I just know it!

  3. You look gorgeous in that outfit. Was that your friend in the green dress? If so, girl's got style too.

    You'll get a job, and then... no more great day trips through Boston. Enjoy the time off now while you have it!

  4. You have seen, and consumed the best Boston has to offer. I confess, even have not tasted the original Boston Creme pie recipe- for shame!! Looks like you ladies lived it up!!

  5. Enjoy the time while you can! A job will come before you now it! I love the printed shirt! You look beautiful!


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