Madame and Monsieur

My boy and I are moving into our first place together, with no roommates (no offence roomies, if you're reading this!), and I'm getting super excited to decorate.
Naturally, of course, I get the full honors of creating the nest and mon amour has no real say except "Tres Jolie!" So as Creative Director of Home Decor, I'd like to go with a French Chateau meets His-and-Hers theme.

Here's my inspiration:
From Ballard Designs, $65 each

Edoardo Manet's portrait of his parents
Blanket from Twirls and Twigs

Midnight Courtyard Curtains, $78-108 Anthropologie

Home is where the heart is...



  1. Oo lovely! When are you moving? Good luck or should I say bonne chance! You'll love living sans roommates.

  2. Those plates are killing me! Where are you moving? When are you moving! I remember when Mr. BF and I moved in together. At first it was like, "Ooh romantic", then it was "I'm living with a booooyyyyyy", then we found a happy medium :)

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