Vintage WWII Bag

This little nugget is the newest (and oldest) addition to my small but stead purse collection. My dad is probably rolling in his khaki's right now, because he gave me specific instructions not to use his grandfather's flask carrier as a purse, but I think it works better as a purse than Media-Unit-Shelf decoration! (When I rescued this baby, it had been on top of the wardrobe that houses our TV and various electronics in the family living room for over 10 years, I would speculate). The handle was completely disintegrating, and the threading was coming lose, but it was still in tact and even still contained the glass and silver flasks marked "scotch" and "whiskey", plus a little silver shot glass! I especially love the little gold initials J.K. on the front. It's a living piece of history! I imagine my great grandfather taking this on long trips by train across barren landscapes...ok I'm drifting into Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman territory now.

I had a friend, Victoria Chan of Nomaddicts, give it a little TLC. She lovingly restored the handle, and while the bag itself is a little haggard looking, I think that gives it character, oui?

Here are some of Victoria's amazing handmade leather pieces -
 Black Perforated Drawstring Clutch and Bag

Gray Suede Fringe Clutch & Bag

 Istanbul Solo Utility Bag, $300

Studded Envelope Wallet

Handmade leather Gauntlet, $80. Shannon Sossamon would definately have worn these in A Knight's Tale.

I'm really loving the Transformers collection, which are, as the name implies, versatile pieces that can be worn as a belt or taken apart and used as a clutch/wallet
Tuxedo Transformer, $200

Hojas Transformer, $200 - Loving the colors, perfect for Fall colorblocking.

 Sheepskin and Malbec leather Rockasins, $150 - these look SO cozy!

Check it, bebes.



  1. Oh man I love those clutches. Your friend is tres talented!

  2. I was ogling your purse all night when we met. It's just so damned cool!


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