This post is dedicated to those of us in the world afflicted with a serious syndrome: Itchy Feet. Yes, it's real. Some of us out there were born with a predisposed inclination to wander the globe, never settling, never settling down. Always looking for the next adventure, and a partner in crime to share it with. We are shocked by nothing, but quietly in love with everything. We think our passports are the best, most timeless accessory (as long as they are not expired). And the part that shocks doctors around the world : There is no cure for Wander Lust, although many millions of dollars, euros, shekels, pesos, liras, bones, and clams have been spent trying.

photos courtesy of pinterest and oneofthesedayssomeday
 The last two are my photos - Cape Cod with the girls!



  1. I fell in love pictures ... and itching in the feet ... jajajaja
    beautiful kisses

  2. Renata, these are beautiful photos, and give me such a case of wanderlust! Too bad I have "responsibilities" that keep me from moving as much as I'd like. :)

    It was so great meeting you last night! I can't wait to read more of your blog!


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