In Which I Get What I Want

I finally got my mitts on the Palm Skirt from All Saints. (Remember this post?) I've experienced this before - I try something on in a store, I love it, I need it, it will make my wardrobe, but for whatever reason (usually money, or the fear that it may not be wearable), I don't buy it right away. I go home, mull it over, and usually forget about it. But this skirt (much like the Umit Unal wool coat I bought a couple years ago) haunted my dreams and my waking moments. I checked online several times a day to make sure it was still in stock, in my size, and just to admire it. I asked second, third, fourth opinions. I asked my roommate's Turkish uncle. He liked it. I sent photos to my dad in Mexico. He liked it. Internationally, it was well received. But for some reason, I just knew it wasn't in my budget, and I couldn't get it. Then, last Friday, my darling Auntie sent me a check, and I ran to the ATM, cashed it, and ran home to buy the skirt. It's mine! And here's how I wore it for the very first time.

Body Cuit :  AA
Skirt : All Saints
Shoes : random
Bangles : Aldo (the silver bracelets are from Sicily)
Sunnies : Kenneth Cole

Getting what I want, by hook or by crook : Priceless



  1. I like the bodysuit/top you paired with the skirt! You look fab xoxo

  2. So glad you went back for the skirt, it looks like it was made for you!

  3. Gorgeous!! I like your skirt!!

  4. Beautiful skirt ... I love .... and your estilazo
    i love you beautiful


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