Gold is Another Word for Culture

Gold is a girls best friend, oui? It's the only color that matches everything and is always, always a good gift for the girl who has everything! You can wear it, you can eat it, you can go for it, the streets are paved with it, what could be better?

photos courtesy of The Sartorialist, fffffound, pinterest

Go for the Gold,


  1. I am delighted with the pictures, I'm using gold is more or color, but I must admit that I love this ....
    beautiful kisses

  2. each image cooler than the next....
    I am TOTALLY a gold best w my skin tone so i wear a ton of it...and LOTS of gold jewelry...but nailpolish..I had never thought of that...hmmmm..

  3. wow this post is amazing. lovely! thanks for visiting.

    xoxo Monroe

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  4. The cake makes my mouth water! Is that real edible gold or just food coloring?


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  5. I love the idea of putting golds on the teeth. I have a friend who has a gold fillings on his molars. He can't afford to put golds on all of his teeth.

  6. The first photo looks like the image of the Mythological gods and goddesses of Greece. I've seen a lot of these in a movie and they are indeed wearing golds like the head dress, necklaces, anklets, and bracelets. They actually look so expensive.

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  8. Those gold nails are stunning and that gold dress is to die for. I also would like that gold cake in my wedding. Beautiful!

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  9. Too much love for gold I guess! But hey, it's a good investment today. Most pawn shop here are put a high price on gold.

  10. I love the gold sabrina cute dress because it shines on every movement. I belong to Long Island gold buyers family and this post made me ogle with all the gold stuff.


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