Fashionable Night Out: In which I uncharacteristically wear all vintage.

Last night was the Boston Blogger mixer at 28 Degrees, in Boston's South End. What fun!! I've got to admit - since I moved back here a few weeks ago, I know, like, 5 people, 4 of whom I am either married to or live with, so being out, in public, among some of Boston's finest and most fashionable was a great night indeed! I didn't get to speak with everyone, which I regret deeply because there were so many interesting people (pure speculation, judging by their covers) but I did get to talk to:

-The impossibly tall and gorgeous Noelani of Mon Petit Chou Chou
-Blonde-and-Texan Michele Moore
-Stylish Amy Allen of the Stylish Year blog and Loft (yeah, that Loft - jealous!)
-I finally met Kristin, who I can always count on for a.) beautiful posts on her blog The Boston Fashionista, and b.) sweet comments on my own posts. An Oklahoma girl with so much great energy!
-The affable girls who created the soon-to-launch, highly anticipated Directory B
-Covetous Creature Holly, who was wearing an amazing spiked shoe-harness as a belt and who's white hair matched her cream-colored, pleated dress
-Najeema, single and a great photographer, as documented by her blog A Stylized Hysteria
-The adorable, and not-foreign-despite-her-accent-which-sounded-foreign Shanna of Shannaseyeview
-RAW, the creator of Blog Sales United, who walked me all the way to the Arlington T stop
-The spring-roll loving creator of Boston After Six
-A Struggling, Single Twenty-Something blogger
-Fascinating fascinator-lover Amanda of Red Bird Vintage
-The Skinny and beautiful Stacey of SumoSkinny
-On the way out, A.V. from Long Distance Loving
-And of course, the woman behind the planning, orchestrating, and throwing of the mixer and who, according to rumor, is leaving Boston soon, the Sassy and Just a Little Bit Outrageous Kinsey Micheals.

I took a total of about 3 photos at the mixer, because I was having so much fun chatting, so sorry for lack of evidence. However, I couldn't not take a picture of Holly's spiked belt. Too cool!

Now for my outfit - I wore basically head-to-toe vintage, and all of it either belonged to my grandmother or my great-grandfather. I hardly ever even wear vintage, let alone an entire outfit, but I think because I knew I was going to be in a room full of bloggers, I got overly excited and a little nervous (as SumoSkinny and I discussed, girls dress mostly for other girls, because guys don't notice all the details and hard work that goes into looking shmawesome!) so I wanted to wear my most cherished pieces, all at once!

I wore the silk flowered dress that my grandmother bought for my uncle's wedding 30 years ago, a leather whiskey flask carrier that I use as a purse (sorry dad!) that belonged to my great grandfather, "J.K.", and armloads of bangles. I used the sash from the dress as a headband/hair wrap, and Nine West flats, which aren't exactly vintage but they are from last year.

More on the bag in the next post - I'll also share with you the lovely lady who lovingly restored the bag's handle.



  1. Great outfit and stunning pictures !
    Seems you had much fun(:


  2. Great to meet you last night! Didn't even see the flask bag last night, but I love it. What a great idea!

  3. I LOVED the whiskey flask bag - so genius!

  4. I seriously wish we would've gotten to chat more! I loved your outfit and I loved reading more about the stories behind your pieces...that's my favorite part about wearing vintage :) so wonderful to meet you, if ever so briefly. Hope to see you again soon! xoxo {av}

  5. Great post girl! I honestly wish I got a chance to chat more with you and others. I should've taken more pictures as well. Def loved your outfit, bag and your arm party!

  6. It was SUCH a pleasure meeting you! I can't wait for our ICA date. Next week???

  7. It was great to meet you very quickly at the end of the event. Next time we'll have to talk more! Will you be at the Swap tomorrow? It's a great spot to meet more of the local fashion bloggers! - Katy

  8. You just made my day with your lovely intro. I am seriously going to have that printed on some business cards. You are a delight and I am so glad we got to chat. Hope to see you again soon, otherwise we'll need to set a date for coffee.


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