Breaking and Entering

This weekend, my lovely girlfriends and I "broke in" to one girl's absentee boyfriends apartment complex to make use of the gorgeous pool and the shmancy grills and have us a good old American summer Sunday!

My outfit:
Top: F21
Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Hat: F21
Sunnies: Rayban Wayfarers.

And on a side note - I did little to none of the cooking. I just posed by the grill to keep up appearances.

I'd also like to mention, and exclamations of disbelief and praise will be appreciated - I bought the UO skirt about a decade ago, when I was 15.  I'm very proud of taking such good care of it and keeping it so white and clean! I only wear it a few times each summer, but it goes with almost everything, and I love the intricate lace detail at the bottom, it's very shabby chic.When I put it on, I know Summer est arrive!



  1. Looks like you girls had a good time! I "break into" my brother's pool all the time too!

  2. living dangerously by breaking and entering, lol! looks well worth it! love the pictures.

  3. Loved your blog! I follow you, follow back please?
    xx- Nicole FASHION BLOG

  4. that skirt is so pretty! hanging by the pool is such a fun way to relax. i'd love to feature you on to introduce you to some of the gals in the area that may not be familiar with your blog!

  5. that grilled corn looks delicious!

    it looks like you girls had a wonderful and sunny afternoon!


  6. This is making me want a burger RIGHT NOW! SO excited for the 4th of July bbq'
    You look adorable..impressive on the white skirt.


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