Some Dim Some and Then Some

I had another beautiful Boston Sunday, getting Dim Sum with my beautiful Boston girlfriends. We walked off the cart-loads of foods with a stroll around Chinatown, shopping downtown, and then a late-night guy-bashing session, complete with fried food and beers.

I had never had dim sum before, and I must admit that when I first sat down and saw the spread, which included, steaming bamboo dishes brimming with unknown food items, most wrapped in leaves or otherwise unidentifiable,  I was certain that I would leave hungry -- or worse, having lost my appetite. Most items whizzing by on wheels were a combination of weird, greyish, soupy, and spongy, and one of them had feet. It seemed to me like a dessert cart for animal parts. But, not one to be rude, I politely tried a few dishes (up to and certainly not including the chicken feet), and really enjoyed (most of) them, not to mention the primordial thrill of "hunting" for my meal (i.e. spotting it roll by on a cart, pouncing, and devouring it.)

(please note my hand gesture, which is sign-language for : "That is so kind of you to offer me a chicken foot, but no thank you").

This handsome guy is probably someone's meal by now.

 (My dream mint-green vespa, which I will naturally have to acquire a mint-green Kitchen-Aid mixer to match. Yes, that makes sense. It does.)

Top: HM
Skirt: F21
Shoes: Nina
Watch: Toy Watch
Bag: Mango

I'm so glad I tried dim sum, and I'm glad I was there with authentic, card-carrying Chinese people, to interpret and identify the yummy (and some not-so-yummy) things I was eating. Sometimes it's nice to be out of one's confort zone, and if you have an open mind and are not too self-conscious (for example, about less that stellar chopstick skills) you may really enjoy yourself and totally expand your horizons. And whatever you do, avoid the Beetle Juice.



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