As American as Ralph Lauren

I found this skirt that belonged to my grandmother, and is now right on trend, and paired it with a simple white blazer and black cotton tank top. I started to feel the spirit of Ralph Lauren taking over, and I paired it with black lace-up boots and a navajo-inspired bag that was actually given to me by a family in Turkey, and is made from a traditional Turkish kilim (rug). Sidebar - Ralphie (that's what I call Ralph Lauren) sells a nearly identical bag for upwards of $2000!! Add a chunky stone necklace and BAM - a day at the stables! I love getting carried away by a moment of inspiration!

photo from PurseBlog


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  1. Those photos DO look Ralph Lauren! Ralph. A little model off duty... I like it!

  2. lovely bag :D
    Great outfit! so chic ^^


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