Wednesdays at the Oak Room

Every Wednesday at the Plaza Hotel, Brian Newman and his band of merry men play at the Oak Room. I stumbled in there quite by accident and didn't expect live music, let alone great live music. In fact, the hostess (who was like 7 feet tall, pin-thin and surely graces the catwalks biannually when she's not hostessing) brought us to a table waaaayyyy in the back and I got really offended and made her move us to a cushier table in the front. Little did I realize, our original spot was the perfect perch to watch the band, front row. Oops! Its ok, because we had some talking to do, and from where I sat (you may call it a Vantage Point) I got some amazing (in my opinion) photographs. I hope I caught the opulence, the certain je ne sais quoi, of the Oak Room and the playfullness of the Brian Newman Band. (Trivia - he's good friends with Lady Gaga and she did a surprise performance there last September!)


Sidenote - as I was reading this Vogue and listening to the Brian Newman Trio, I had no idea the two were connected. I guess in NYC, it's a small world afterall...

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