Saturday Morning Coffee, Beignets and Vogue

What a perfect Saturday morning - I woke up super-early, got a cappuccino and beignet to bring home, got yesterday's mail that was forgotten when I got home at 2am, and had a nice little breakfast before going back to sleep! And what makes capuccino and pastries taste even better? An invite to a Vogue/Furla party this week! Rumor has it that Anna herself will be there. Can't wait to share photos with you.

And tonight - birthday party at Tres Jalapenos, a cute Mexican BYOB. Happy birthday Kat, and Happy Saturday fashionistas!



  1. That looks like a lovely cappuccino - and lucky you getting a vogue party invite! Have fun x

  2. Looks so yummy! I hope you have a blast at your party. Follow each other? I'm following you x


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