Up and ADAM

Here are some photos from the ADAM show last weekend. It was a great show -- lots of toned-down Fall colors and more somber prints than the brights and florals we have to look forward to for this coming SS2011 season, but all were anything but ordinary and totally covetable - leafy prints, dreamy feathers, and chunky, cozy knitted pieces that were a nod to the Mad Men secretary in all of us.

If I may just say this - Adam Lippes, if you are out there, PLEASE feed your models or use more realistic, HEALTHY models! There were veritable skeletons walking the runway...it was so distracting! I turned to my friend during the show and said, and I quote, "omigod, that girl is going to die." Unattractive and totally 90's man! Come on. Love you though.

 Outside the show, Day 2

Bloggers Lounge. I'm not that technology-addicted, but I kinda wish I was! What a great idea!!

 Front row - Hanneli and Julia Restoin Roitfeld!

Here's a video from the show:

Here's Hanneli Mustaparta when I accidentally took a video instead of a photo and was too embarrassed to admit it so I enthusiastically said "Thank you!!!" and walked away! Cool, right?

On the walk back to Chez Lexi - such a cute street in Greenwich Village!


  1. Great photos..thanks so much for sharing.

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  2. lovely post!



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