The Streets Are Paved in Gold - NYFW Street Style Faves

Here are some of my favorite photos from the NYFW street style shots I took over the weekend. There was so many amazing (and sometimes just ridiculous) people, outfits, styles, hats, hair colors to see, it was quite overwhelming!!

A lot of people were definitely dressing for attention, and there were tons of wannabe fashionistas that were standing around inside and outside the shows posing and trying to get photographed, and then acting surprised and even annoyed (like in a "omigod-I'm-so-sick-of-all-this-attention" way) when some bored blogger who was waiting for a Vogue editor or something would stroll over and ask for a photo to pass the time. Basically, there were a lot of people who used the "outrageous" move - like two old ladies dressed like 12 year old girls/Liza Minelli, or people who just layered on every piece in their wardrobe, men in skirts, etc.

Once you weeded out the phonies though, there was certainly plenty to see and photograph, and a constant flow of the most inspiring dressers this side of 5th Ave.

Hanneli Mustaparta post- ADAM show. I actually asked her at the show if I could take a picture and then accidentally took a 3 second video!! I was too embarrassed to ask again, so I will post the little video later. How cool is she though?



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  2. yeah. photos and blog is good :) keep going!
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  3. Love these pictures!!Hanelli is so beautiful!
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  4. Lovely photos!!!!
    Patricia nudeandchic.

  5. Awesome you were there! So wish I was! Love Hanneli's blog so that must have been amazing to meet her. Hahaha love that you took a video on accident always happens :)

    By the way, thank you for your comment and following. It's much appreciated!


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