Warby Parker

 A couple weeks ago I went to the Warby Parker NYC headquarters to check out their newest collection of vintage-inspired eye wear.

I think the showroom has a tranformative effect - Even this gent, who I think was waiting for a friend to try on some frames, is modern-vintage looking.

 The Monroe - how about it Monroe Steele?

 The Winston

The small space is about 2/3 office and the rest was a neat little eye glass emporium. The walls are lined with shelves of eyeglasses, old books, retro flowers, and the rustic furniture topped off with vintage knick-knacks like an old typewriter. Several shoppers were trying on frames, and huge Mac desktops stood ready for orders to be placed online. (No frames are sold out of the showroom, all the shopping is done online)

The Monacle : Aptly named "The Colonel" and aptly priced at about half of what glasses cost - $50.

It was the perfect eyeglass shopping experience because it was (small) part store, part office, part modern vintage living room. No fluorescent lights, no pushy sales people. Unpretentiously minimalistic. And best part? No huge price tag. Almost all the Warby Parker frames are $95, including prescription lenses and shipping. And, as if that wasn't great enough, you can try on 5 pairs at home (for free) and they donate a pair to a person in need with each pair sold. Dude. Seriously? I just can't get over how satisfied I am with the glasses and the whole experience, from the website to the showroom.

Here are a few of my favorites:

The Colton in Tangerine

The Pierce

The Huxley - a Hipster favorite (Sidebar: Je ne suis pas un hipster, but I do like to think of myself as ironical)

I ended up ordering the Zagg frame, one of their classics, in dark tortoise. It came to my house a few days later, and I absolutely love them! I will never go back to paying $300+ for totally unoriginal frames again.

Check out Warby Parker online (www.warbyparker.com) or visit them at their NY showroom on 13 E 16th St, 6th Floor.

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  1. hahaha thanks for the shout out. I actually like that pair too. I'm really getting into vintage inspired sunglasses so this was a great post. Loving you in all the glasses and great eye makeup. I want your eyelashes lol. Thanks doll!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC


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