Burn Baby, Burn

Finally got my mitts on that Jelly bag from Furla I have been stalking. I went in last Friday to preview the collection, and "try on" a couple. Which do you think is better? I ordered the pink one, but part of me still longs for the clear one...! Apparently, Anna Wintour has all 6 colors, so if I had two, I'd be 1/3 of the way to being Anna. Makes sense.

They also had these very patriotic totes with different country flags. I would need a few, since like most modern American women, I'm a delightful mix of several nationalities. Once again, a reason to buy more than one bag. Notice a pattern? I'd be a pretty good drug dealer, if I wanted. I'd rather be a bag lady though.

Speaking of bags, check out the contents of mine after just Day 2 of NYFW. Pretty scary/chic.

And lastly, I'd like to unveil my dad's Leica camera that I inherited by way of Clause 1 of the Rule of Finder's Keepers, paragraph 2a. Film!! How truly retro! Can't wait to tackle learning to use it. (Thanks, dad - one of the original Scorpion Disco-ers <3 )


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  1. hi sweetie, such a great post! i really enjoyed these photos from what looks like a great day :) i love your style, tres chic!

    x Anika


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