NYC Photo Diary

I went to NYC last weekend with a couple friends and fellow bloggers to work on an exciting project -- more on that later. Here are some random shots from the hours we spent walking around in our free time!

Turban: Asos
Coat: Gap
Tote: Longchamps (a gift from Esther, my effortlessly chic and gorgeous Parisian amie!)

The first few photos were taken in Sabon, an adorable boutique that sells all natural soaps, lotions, scrubs, and all things cleansing/smoothing/buffing. I love the fact that they have a giant communal sink right in the front of the store where a Sabon greeter walks you through the process of cleansing, scrubing, and moisturizing. We were stroking our hands all day -- it was truly amazing!
  The giant teapot is from Cyrus Company, an Italian design company.


Photos credits: Renata of Scorpion Disco and the lovely Kajal Alemo of Alemo, Duey, Cheatum and Howe.


  1. - great blog & steve aoki is the best (;

  2. I love Isabel Marant and the whole New York.) I like your blog and I follow you. Would you like to follow me back, please? .)

    xoxo, M.

  3. wows great post I am from nyc, I will def be visiting sabon I am very into natural soaps, oils, and scrubs. Great Post !!!


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