Jessica Simpson Shoes

Just got these Dany platforms from...Jessica Simpson. Look, I don't mind her, but I tend to put her shoes/clothing/luggage in the same category as I would say, Mariah Carey's perfume. That said, I've been seeing a ton of bloggers I love, like Sarah from Pandora's Box, wearing these dangerously bold, borderline Stripper-chic platforms, and I wanted them too! I chose to order them in tan, because I have a closet full of black shoes, and I'm glad I did! These will easily take me from Spring through Summer and into Fall. I'm not sold on them for Winter, but with the right tights, it's a possibility. Check them out:

Unfortunately, they are leather, and I really vowed not to buy leather or other animal products anymore. Argh. Sorry, cute animals...! I'll be better in the future. But still -- can't wait to wear them!



  1. i just love these shoes<3 i want one the same:) check it out if you like it we can follow each other xx

  2. Yeah I have these and they are pretty freaking amazing! Enjoy them!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  3. Oh they are awesome! Can't wait to see how you'll style them!

  4. Don't feel too bad they are gorgeous!!!
    BTW Followed!!

  5. OMG! realmente me acabo de enamorar de esos zapatos son increibles al igual que tu blog! nueva seguidora

  6. Helloo! Your blog is amazing!!
    and the shoes too. I'm following right now. XXX

    Patricia nudeandchic.


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